Fort Riley, Kansas


Directory Assistance

Telephone Directory Assistance phone number is: 
Commercial: (785) 239-3911 
DSN CONUS: Sys Code, 856-3911 
DSN OCONUS: Sys Code, 312-856-3911
Fort Riley, Kansas 66442

Dialing Information

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The Area Code for 239 and 240 numbers is (785).


The DSN prefixes for Fort Riley are 856 for 239 phone numbers and 520 for 240 phone numbers.


To place a DSN call from Fort Riley you will dial 94 + the 7 or 10 digit number.


The Area Code for DSN numbers is 312 when calling to Fort Riley from OCONUS.


Other Agencies/Partners on Fort Riley (Non - Dept of Defense)

Academic Programs -- Colleges and Universities in the Fort Riley Consortium
Learn more, Fort Riley Education Services

American Red Cross, Service to the Armed Forces (SAF)
Location: Grimes Hall. 510 Reed Ave., Fort Riley, Kansas 66442
Phone: 785-239-1887

Flint Hills Regional Council
Location: 1801 Buffalo Soldier Drive, Fort Riley, KS 66442
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 514, Ogden, KS 66517-0514
Phone: (855) 785-3472
Fax: (855) 329-3472

USO Fort Riley
Location: 6918 Trooper Drive
Main Center Number: 785-240-5326 
Programs Manager: 785-240-5328 
Director Cell: 757-709-3814

Veterans Affairs 
Location: Irwin Army Community Hospital, Rm 4E3 
Phones: (785)240-7308/7282/7283 (Wichita Regional Office)