Fort Riley, Kansas


Solicitation Permit and Home Business

Solicitation policies protect post residents

Story by: Julie Fiedler 

In an effort to maintain a safe environment, Fort Riley residents should familiarize themselves with the installation's solicitation policies and procedures, and be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

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First and foremost, Fort Riley regulation states that door-to-door solicitation is prohibited on the installation.

"Our Fort Riley residents need to understand there is no policy on Fort Riley that allows individuals to go door-to-door, pass out flyers or post them anywhere," said Dori Farrow, chief, Administration and Operations, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

If residents see someone selling door-to-door or other suspicious activity, they should call the military police.

"If there's any question whatsoever, we would want them to call," said Sgt. Brian Hornaday, civil liaison, Fort Riley Police Department, Directorate of Emergency Services. "It's very easy to call the MP desk – let us dispatch a patrol officer out."

Solicitation is allowed, provided company representatives have been granted a permit through DFMWR and do not go door-to-door, according to the regulation.

"Any solicitor on Fort Riley has to be approved by our office and carry a solicitation permit," Farrow said.

Solicitors can apply for a permit through DFMWR, which ensures applications are complete before submitting them to the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate for final review. Approved solicitors are then issued a permit.

"If someone comes to (a resident's) door, they should always ask to see the permit," Farrow said.

A list of approved solicitors also is published each quarter. The roster is organized by name, so each company representative must be approved to operate at Fort Riley.

Residents can call the MP desk sergeant to confirm whether or not a solicitor is on the list as a check and balance with the physical permit issued by DFMWR.

"(Residents) should never hesitate to call. It's not a waste of time. You're not bothering us ... We'd be more than happy to help," Hornaday said.

Hornaday said other jurisdictions have had issues with criminals posing as sales people to case the premises.

"They (can) look like they're a legit business," Hornaday said, "but they'll find a house where no one's home, and then they'll make entry into the home, fill their (vehicle) up with whatever household goods they can get their hands on."

While many legitimate companies operate at Fort Riley, Hornaday stressed that residents should maintain vigilance.

"You never know when this could be something that might seem simple to (residents) … might be the person we're looking for that's committed three or four burglaries in the past month," Hornaday said.

By keeping an eye out for any unusual activity, residents can help the police force to be proactive in protecting the post.

"The main focus is to protect the Fort Riley residents in both safety, and, also, as consumers. By contacting us … we can make sure (solicitors) are doing business the right way," Hornaday said.

For more information about solicitation permits, call 785-239-3467.

To report suspicious activity, call 785-239-6767.