Fort Riley Magistrate Court

By Unknown | Magistrate Court, SJA | September 06, 2012

Traffic Court is held every first and third Wednesday of the month for those who wish to contest their traffic tickets. Traffic court appearances are scheduled by the United States Courts Central Violations Bureau (CVB) in San Antonio, Texas; notices to appear in traffic court are mailed out after the initial 21 day payment period described on the ticket. Dates may vary for the day of assignment, but usually occur 4 to 8 weeks after the ticket is issued.

If you are issued a traffic citation on Fort Riley, and wish to plead guilty and pay your ticket, simply use the envelope provided as part of the citation and mail payment by check, money order, cashiers check made payable to the Central Violations Bureau, or complete the credit card information slip and enclose it in the envelope. Be sure to copy the citation number from the ticket onto your payment. Never mail cash. There is also a number provided for the CVB that you may call to pay by credit card. (Credit Card only; Debit cards wil not successfully process through the CVB system). Your payment must be received by the CVB prior to your court date.

Those wishing to contest a traffic citation will receive a notice by mail from the CVB. The notice will explain which specific date to appear for Traffic Court.

The United States Magistrate Judge visits Fort Riley every other Thursday to hear civilian criminal cases. The Magistrate Court office is located in Clausen Hall, 216 Custer Ave., Room 127. Office hours are 0730 - 1200 and 1300 - 1600. Our office telephone number is (785)239-6392.