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Fort Riley garrison fiscal year in color

October 20, 2017 —      “When you hear, ‘the color of money’ … (it) tells you the history of our budget,” Bill Bunting, director of resource management Fort Riley garri­son said as he pointed to the statistics.      An overview on the fiscal year 2017 involves color co­ordinated bar graphs, acro­nyms and money mazes. Bun­ting provided an overview of the Fort Riley MORE

‘Durable’ Soldiers go back to basics

October 20, 2017 —       Soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade conducted field training exercise Operation Reliable Focus Sept. 27 through Oct. 3 at Fort Riley. Operation Reliable Focus provided the Soldiers an opportunity to reinforce their basic Soldier task and drills ranging from land navigation to drivers training, as well as other various MORE
The 1st Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade Soldiers try on protective gloves to lay concertina wire during Operation Reliable Focus Sept. 27 at Fort Riley, Kansas. Concertina wire is used as a barrier around a forward operating base.

‘Durable’ Soldier bonds with team during field training exercise

October 20, 2017 —       For their most recent training exercise, Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade had the opportunity to learn about the job — and about themselves.     During Operation Reliable Focus, Sept. 27 through Oct. 3 on Fort Riley, service members of the brigade re-certified their skills in land navigation, drivers training and MORE
Staff Sgt. Christopher R. Foster, Human Resources Sergeant, 1st Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade, acts as a weapons guard during Operation Reliable Focus Sept. 29 at Fort Riley, Kansas. Maintaining a weapons guard is essential to mission success as it keeps positive control of weapons when Soldiers are not within an arm’s reach of them.

Home electric users hold power

October 20, 2017 —      The month of October is Energy Action Month and is a time for everyone to become enlightened about how to conserve.      While personnel from the Utilities and Energy branch, Directorate of Public Works seek ways to assist in the design and implementation of methods to conserve energy in official buildings, a large portion of the consumption MORE
October is Energy Action Month.

Safe ‘Trick or Treat,’ Halloween fun

October 20, 2017 —       For many, Halloween is a time of fun, tricks and treats. However, the real dangers are not from ghosts and goblins but rather from trips, falls and pedestrian/car crashes. Many unintentional injuries can be prevented if parents closely supervise school-aged children during trick-or-treat activities. Think about safety on this annual day of MORE

RECYCLING CENTER – Don’t dump diapers down recycling bins

October 20, 2017 —      It is a normal day at the office, you just got in and have a stack of papers waiting for you. As you get close to the stack of papers, you catch a whiff of a stomach churning smell as you notice that someone sent you a couple of rank diapers that have been ripening in the Kansas heat for a few days.      If that sounds gross, that’s because it MORE

Operation Santa Claus on schedule despite flood setbacks

October 20, 2017 —      The holidays are approach­ing faster than people may real­ize and with that approach, Fort Riley is preparing to ensure it’s a good one for service members and their families.       Operation Santa Claus is holding their ribbon cutting to start the holiday season 10 a.m., Nov. 2 at Rally Point, 2600 Trooper Drive.      “Operation Santa Claus MORE
Pfc. Amanda Moore, an elf for Operation Santa Claus, decorates a small holiday tree at Rally Point Oct. 13 as she helps transform it into Santa’s Workshop. Operation Santa Claus assists service members and their families by providing games and toys to their children for the holiday season.

Fall Fest safe, creative venue for families to connect

October 20, 2017 —      Parents escorted spooky skeletons, daring Jedi and stealthy ninjas through the games and activities of Fall Fest and Pumpkin Patch for Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program and New Parent Support Program participants Oct. 14 at Army Community Service.       This year, personnel decorated the facility with a pirate theme MORE
Staff Sgt. Cody Colkmire, left, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, watches his children, Devin and Sarah, paint during Fall Fest and Pumpkin Patch for Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program and New Parent Support Program participants Oct. 14 at Army Community Service. Small wooden treasure chests and canvasses were available for kids and parents alike to create their masterpieces.

Fort Riley Fire and Emergency Services to keep volume in check

October 20, 2017 —      Housing areas in Fort Riley can expect fewer noise distur­bances during the night from their local fire stations within the month.      Fort Riley Fire and Emer­gency Services will be install­ing a volume control knob for outside speakers of Station 1 at 5000 Normandy Drive, Sta­tion 2 at 430 Holbrook Ave. and Station 5 at 2620 Trooper Drive. MORE
The Fort Riley Fire and Emergency Services Tender 12 vehicle drives beneath the temporarily muted speakers of Station 1 fire station at the corner of Normandy Drive and 1st Division Road. The crew stuffed the speakers with rags and taped it in as a makeshift volume control until they receive parts to install a volume control knob within the month.

Armed forces rodeo world finals coming to Kansas

October 20, 2017 —       The Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Association World Finals will be held in Topeka, Kansas, Oct. 26 to 29.      The organization formed in 2000 through the efforts of Soldiers, Airmen and other service members stationed in Europe. Rodeo is popu­lar there and they wanted to create something to bring all the armed forces and their dependents MORE

Coronado Heights

October 20, 2017 —      Peaking 300 feet above the surrounding valley floor is the hill of Coronado Heights.      About 75 miles southwest of Fort Riley, Coronado Heights Park is 3 miles outside of Lindsborg off a dirt road. The road takes visitors up a winding path to the top of the hill. Parking is available at the top and at the bottom, for those who choose to MORE
The castle at Coronado Heights was built in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration. Inside is a fire pit and picnic tables, as well as a staircase that leads to the roof.

COMMUNITY CORNER – Energy conservation is a key to resilience

October 20, 2017 —      This year’s Energy Action Month theme is “Energy Resilience Enables Army Readiness,” because energy is key to everything the Army does. Fort Riley is a leader in this area — we are stewards of maintaining secure and reliable access to energy, water and land resources vital for the Army to perform its mission and support global operations.     MORE
Fort Riley Garrison Commander

COMMUNITY CORNER – Ending cycle of domestic violence

October 13, 2017 —      Domestic violence can have devastat­ing consequences — everyone loses in abusive and neglectful households. Sometimes the cycle descends through the generations, from parents to children. Sometimes it’s a result of more stress than a family can handle alone. But the cycle can be broken and the pat­tern of life can change.      October is MORE
Fort Riley Garrison Commander

Incoming deputy commanding general reunites with ‘Big Red One’

October 13, 2017 —      Brig. Gen. Stephen Smith was formally welcomed as the new 1st Infantry Division deputy commanding general for support during a Victory with Honors Ceremony held at the “Big Red One” headquarters building Oct. 3 at Fort Riley.      The ceremony not only identified the new family, it also allowed leaders and community members to introduce MORE
Brig. Gen. Stephen Smith, right, 1st Infantry Division deputy commanding general for support, and Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin, 1st Inf. Div. and Fort Riley commanding general, salute the U.S. flag during the national anthem at a Victory with Honors Ceremony held at the 1st Inf. Div. headquarters building Oct. 3 at Fort Riley. The ceremony was held to welcome Smith and his family to the Fort Riley and the Flint Hills region.

Legacy for Soldiers: work, history, skill of celebrating Army heritage

October 13, 2017 —      Red T-shirts, blue jeans and cowboy boots are a far cry from the Army Combat Uniform, just like peppermints, six-shooters and flatbed trucks don’t match views of military equipment.     “Peppermints are kind of just to build a bond or relationship with him,” said Staff Sgt. Gregory Stalker, a new member of the Commanding General’s Mounted MORE
Troopers of the 1st Infantry Division Commanding General’s Mounted Color Guard prepare to fire pistols in tandem while jumping a hurdle during the U.S. Cavalry Association’s 2017 Annual Bivouac and National Cavalry Competition on Fort Reno, Oklahoma, Sept. 29.

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