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1ID leaders visit Meuse-Argonne region during staff ride

May 7, 2007 — MEUSE-ARGONNE, France More than 40 leaders from the 1st Infantry Division embarked on a staff ride April 2-5 to visit the Meuse-Argonne region of France to learn about the final battles of World War I.Staff ride directors led the group of senior-grade officers and NCOs through more than 20 points of interest throughout the region to illuminate the MORE
MG Kenneth Hunzeker, 1st Infantry Division commanding general, along with CSM John Fourhman, 1st ID command sergeant major, salute the 1st ID memorial after laying a commemorative wreath at the foot of the monument April 4 outside Varennes and Fleville, during the Meuse-Argonne staff ride April 2-5. (Photo by SPC Stephen Baack, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

World War II medals finally catch up to veteran after 61 years

May 7, 2007 — ELAND, Wisconsin Earl Chrudimsky had barely been in the Army six months when he was rushed to Belgium for the Battle of the Bulge. He fought heroically and was seriously wounded in that action to resist the German armys final desperate offensive in the Ardennes.Sixty-one years later, several military awards for Chrudimskys World War II service, to MORE
Sixty-one years later, eight military awards for Chrudimskys World War II service finally caught up to the now 80-year-old veteran, April 12.  Chrudimsky was seriously wounded and taken prisoner during the Battle of the Bulge, Jan 3, 1945.  (Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin Army and Air National Guard)

Artillery Soldiers practice with new cannons

May 7, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - About a month ago, Soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 32nd Armor, received three of 16 M119A2 light towed howitzers from a unit in Hawaii. This month, the Soldiers began learning the ins and outs of their new portable weapons. A lot of the Soldiers are straight out of training at Fort Sill, Okla., so the training is starting off MORE
Soldiers of 2nd Bn., 32nd FA, run through training exercises April 6 to help them become more efficient at setting up one of the M119A2 light towed howitzers the battalion received from a unit in Hawaii in early March. So far, the unit has received five of the 16 howitzers it will have. (Photo by Anna Morelock, Fort Riley Post)

Big Red One officers meet in DC for 87th reunion

May 7, 2007 — WASHINGTON D.C. - They journeyed from as far away as Germany and as close by as the Military District of Washington, D.C. They referred to themselves as Blue Spaders, Kings of Battle and Black Lions. Some commanded troops in Operation Iraqi Freedom II while others stormed the Beaches of Normandy. They all had stories to tell, and they all were MORE
Officers of the Big Red One, both past and present, gathered at the Alexandria Mark Hilton in Washington, D.C., April 1 for the 87th Annual 1st Infantry Division Officers Dinner. (Photo by SGT Bryant Maude, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

Exercise paints training with fun

May 7, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - A paintball hitting body armor produces a WHAP! sound and leaves a paint splatter, but that doesnt hurt.A paintball hitting skin, however, hurts; and it will leave a mark. When the paint is wiped away, the impact usually leaves a red ring, brings blood to the skins surface or leaves a welt. Soldiers in the 101st Forward MORE
A 101st FSB Soldier playing an opposing force insurgent waits for Soldiers to approach her March 29 so she can fire paintballs at them. The company spent the day at a Fort Riley MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) site practicing building-clearing techniques while using paintball equipment to simulate enemy and friendly fire.  (Photo by Amanda Kim Stairrett, Fort Riley Post)

Walkers finish Bataan trek

May 7, 2007 — WHITE SANDS, New Mexico 2LT Jason Ryncarz and five other Soldiers from the Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, traveled from Fort Riley to White Sands Missile Range, N.M., March 26 for the 17th Annual Bataan Memorial Death March.The memorial event honored Soldiers who marched in the Bataan Death March in the MORE
BSTB, 4th IBCT, Soldiers (front, from left) 2LT Jason Ryncarz, PVT Jena Harris, PFC Nathan Dahl, (back, from left) PVT Robert Sweeney, SFC Class Gary Sarapa and PFC Edward Melton walk March 26 during the 17th Annual Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. All of the 4th IBCT Soldiers completed the 26.2-mile course.  (Photo by Meredith Erwin)

1st ID tax centers help customers see green

May 7, 2007 — WURZBURG, Germany With a combined savings of more than 1.4 million dollars in filing fees and more than 19 million dollars received in refunds, the 1st Infantry Divisions tax assistance centers have been leaving their customers seeing green.The battalion, which was activated as the 1st Battalion, 39th Engineer Combat Regiment in April, 1942, was MORE
Carla Wiggins, tax coordinator for Wurzburg and the 1st Infantry Division, scans her computer screen as she helps a family member complete her taxes. Nearly 90 percent of the people who go to the 1st ID tax assistance centers are entitled to a refund. The other 10 percent will most likely owe. (Photo by SGT John Queen, 69th ADA Brigade Public Affairs)

Giebelstadt aviation unit moves to Riley

May 7, 2007 — GIEBELSTADT, Germany - As March 2006 came to an end so did an era for the 5th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment on Giebelstadt Army Airfield in central Germany.Just after sunrise on March 30, the last seven UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters belonging to the battalion made a short, low-level flight across the small airfield where they formed into two MORE
Formed into two columns the last remaining helicopters belonging to 1st Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment at Geibelstadt Army Airfield, Germany, climb into the sky on the first leg of a journey sending them to their new home at Fort Riley, Kan.  There, the aircraft will become part of the 1st Infantry Divisions inventory. (Photo by SGT John Queen, 69th ADA Brigade Public Affairs Office)

First Soldier of the Quarter sets the standard fro 4th IBCT

May 7, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - For the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 2006 has been a year of firsts. It has seen the unit stand up; first brigade-sized run; first unit motorcycle safety course and now the first noncommissioned officer and Soldier of the quarter.SSG Juan Pepi and SPC Timothy Stephens were honored as the brigade NCO and Soldier of the MORE
SSG Juan Pepi, right, shakes the hand of fellow Soldiers after he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal in a ceremony May 23 at the Normandy Chapel. Pepi, the Nuclear, Biological, Chemical noncommissioned officer for Headquarter and Headquarters Company, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, was the brigades first-ever NCO of the Quarter.  (Photo by SFC Robert Timmons, 4IBCT, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

4th IBCT increases motorcycle safety through mentorship

May 7, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - The 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Teams motorcycles roared in unison Monday, as the brigades 40 riders came together at Camp Forysth to increase its safety in a motorcycle mentorship and ride along.There have been 28 deaths Army-wide from motorcycle accidents from people doing dumb (stuff), said Command Sgt. Maj. Jim B. MORE
SPC James Estrep, an infantryman with Company A, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment revs up his Suzuki GSXR 1000 motorcycle moments before leading his group cyclists onto the experienced riders course May 22 in Camp Forsyth.  (Photo by SFC Robert K. Timmons, 4th IBCT, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

1st ID observes forthcoming Memorial Day at Victory Park

May 7, 2007 — WUERZBURG, Germany Soldiers, family members and friends met in Victory Park at Leighton Barracks May 25 to commemorate the forthcoming Memorial Day and remember those servicemembers and civilians who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.After an invocation by 1st Infantry Division Chaplain, MAJ Keith Shurtleff, MG Kenneth Hunzeker, 1st ID MORE
MG Kenneth Hunzeker, 1st Infantry Division commanding general, provides opening remarks to the more than a hundred people in attendance at the 1st ID Memorial Day ceremony held at Victory Park in Leighton Barracks, Wuerzburg, May 25. (Photo by SPC Stephen Baack, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

2nd BCT memorializes fallen Soldiers

May 7, 2007 — SCHWEINFURT, Germany Memorial Day is a time for honoring and remembering Soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting for the cause of freedom and democracy.Soldiers from the 1st Infantry Divisions 2nd Brigade Combat Team unveiled a memorial statue during a ceremony at Conn Barracks in Schweinfurt May 25 to commemorate the 43 2nd MORE
COL J.B. Burton, 2nd Brigade Combat Team commander, and CSM John Calpena, 2nd BCT command sergeant major, prepare to lay a wreath at the 2nd BCT memorial during a ceremony at Conn Barracks in Schweinfurt May 25. (Photo by SPC Joe Alger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

1st Military Police Company inactivates

May 7, 2007 — WURZBURG, Germany A ceremony was held at Leighton Barracks to honor the 1st Infantry Divisions 1st Military Police Company during an inactivation ceremony May 24.The 1st MP Co., which is the oldest military police company in the Army with 89 years of dedicated service to the nation, distinguished itself so much during its service in World War I, MORE
The remaining Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division's 1st Military Police Company stand in formation for the final time during their inactivation ceremony at Leighton Barracks May 24. (Photo by SPC Joe Alger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

2BCT sets standard for cycle safety

May 7, 2007 — SCHWEINFURT, Germany The 2nd Brigade Combat Team has taken motorcycle safety into its own hands and incorporated a thorough, rigid program that all Soldiers in the brigade must adhere to.Brigade Commander COL J. B. Burton tasked his subordinate leaders to construct a motorcycle safety check ride program, which supplements U.S. Army Europe MORE
Motorcyclists from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team take part in a mandatory motorcycle safety check ride program May 24 before the Memorial Day weekend. The program ensures that each rider in the brigade meets USAREUR standards for licensing and protective gear, that each motorcyclists skill and risk level is formally evaluated, and that camaraderie between riders within the brigade is enhanced through mentorship. (Photo by MSG Cameron Porter, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

System helps 'Iron Rangers' navigate, track 'friendlies'

May 7, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - What time is lunch? one Soldier typed in a message to the three others sitting at his table during a class at the Battle Simulation Center May 9. The 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Soldiers werent slacking off during class, but instead following the instructions of their trainer as they learned how to use the Force XXI Battle MORE
Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry practice sending free text messages to the other Soldiers sitting at their tables. The Iron Rangers participated in a week-long training at the Battle Simulation Center to learn how to use the Blue Force Tracker software. The software will help them track friendly forces, enemy forces, navigate and send messages from their vehicles.  (Photo by Anna Morelock, Fort Riley Post)