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2nd ASOS gets new commander

May 8, 2007 — WURZBURG, Germany One of the 1st Infantry Divisions most unique subordinate commands changed leadership Jan. 5. But thats not what makes the command unique. Its the fact that its the only Big Red One unit made up of Airmen, not Soldiers A change of command ceremony was held at Leighton Barracks for the 2nd Air Support Operations Squadron, one of MORE
LTC Lee Marsh, 2nd Air Support Operations Squadron commander, addresses his squadron after assuming command of the unit Jan. 5 at Leighton Barracks, Wrzburg (Photo by SPC Joe Alger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Officer).

Actors lend realism to TT training

May 8, 2007 — Edisha Coleman is eighteen and barely out of high school. She spends her days hanging out at the marketplace, along with dozens of others, hoping to catch the eye of an unsuspecting Soldier.“So far no one has stopped,” remarked Coleman, “but that’s okay, it just means they’re doing their job.”Coleman and the more than 20 others at the marketplace MORE
Edisha Coleman, a contract role player, watches a convoy roll by during transition team training at Camp Funston. Coleman and the more than 20 others at the marketplace are actors, hired to play the role of Iraqi and Afghan citizens.

CAB crews engage in multi-ship Black Hawk gunnery

May 8, 2007 — Pilots and crew chiefs of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment are showing no signs of slowing down as the Combat Aviation Brigade draws closer to its scheduled deployment this summer.Approaching their culminating aviation gunnery training this week, Soldiers of Company C took to the skies to engage in multi-ship, multi-door live-fire MORE
A Company C, 3rd Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment UH-60 Black Hawk takes off at the start of the company’s multi-ship gunnery training at Smoky Hill Range Apr. 18. (Photo by Spc. Stephen Baack, 1st Inf. Div. PAO)

Big Red One reactivates Brigade Combat Team

May 8, 2007 — FORT HOOD, Texas - After being inactivated in March 2005, a brigade in the 1st Infantry Division has found a new home. The 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team reactivated in a ceremony April 19 on Cooper Field at Fort Hood, Texas. Equipped with two infantry battalions, a cavalry regiment, a field artillery regiment, a special troops battalion and a MORE
Soldiers from 6-4 Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, perform salute during the pass and review of the brigade's reactivation ceremony. (Photo by Pfc. Dustin Roberts, 1st Inf. Div. PAO)

Wrzburg Soldiers pay tribute to Black History Month

May 7, 2007 — WURZBURG, Germany In observance of this years Black History Month, the Reverend Betty Claiborne, a Methodist minister from Baton Rouge, La., spoke to more than 200 Soldiers, civilians and family members from the Wurzburg military community at Leighton Barracks Cantigny Club February 22.She spoke of growing up in East Baton Rouge parish and of the MORE
Nathanial Green shows the audience no fear as he delivers Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s I have a dream speech.  (Photo by SGT John Queen, 69th ADA Brigade Public Affairs)

Soldiers of the 101st MI Bn., 1st MP Co. receive CABs

May 7, 2007 — WURZBURG, Germany - More than 30 Soldiers of the 101st Military Intelligence Battalion and the 1st Military Police Company were awarded the Combat Action Badge inside Leighton Physical Fitness Center at Leighton Barracks, Feb. 21. Battalion leadership had recommended their Soldiers receive the CAB based on their performance while under hostile MORE
LTC Michael Lewis, 101st Military Intelligence Battalion commander, pins a Combat Action Badge onto CPT Robert May, B Company commander, 101st MI Bn., at the CAB awards ceremony at Leighton Physical Fitness Center Feb. 21, during which more than 30 Soldiers from the 101st MI Battalion and the 1st Military Police Company were recognized.  (Photo by SPC Stephen Baack, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

1-77 Tankers complete tank tables in Grafenwoehr

May 7, 2007 — GRAFENWOEHR, Germany They say Train like you fight, and Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 77th Armor Regiment tried to create an environment similar to the one they expect to face in Iraq, aside from the weather, of course. The 1-77 Soldiers conducted tank tables at Grafenwoehr, Feb. 16; the final step in preparation for their upcoming Mission MORE
While on a break from tank tables, Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 77th Armor Regiment warm up behind their M1A1 Abrams tank at Grafenwoehr Training Area Feb. 16. (Photo by SPC Joe Alger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

Commander adds tests to land nav training

May 7, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - COL Ricky Gibbs, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team commander, took 24 of his company leaders to Fort Rileys Moon Lake Feb. 2 to practice what he called the dying art of land navigation.This wasnt high tech, Global Positioning Satellite navigating. It was foot-powered map-and-compass navigation.The officers had four hours to find MORE
CPT Jeffrey Jager moves on to the weapons assembly station after making a punch on his checklist at point five of the 4th IBCT land navigation course. Jager is commander of Co. B, 2nd BN, 16th IN Regiment. (Photo by Amanda Kim Stairrett, Fort Riley Post)

Artillerymen practice with big guns

May 7, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - Much of a 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery, Soldiers day in the field can be spent waiting waiting for one command that sparks a flurry of shouting, loading rounds, a pull of the lanyard and, finally, a big boom.In a matter of moments, the prairie is silent again the lingering smell of gunpowder in the air and the MORE
PFC Mario Pena of the 1st BN, 5th FA, waits for the order to begin preparing the Paladin gun for firing Feb. 8. (Photo by Amanda Kim Stairrett, Fort Riley Post)

Black Lions fire basic weapons to refine infantry skills

May 7, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - Before starting to train their Soldiers, Black Lions leaders spent three days of master gunner training on Fort Riley this month to reblue themselves with the M-16 rifle, M-240 machine gun, M-249 squad automatic weapon and M-203 grenade launcher ranges.Reblue refers to the process in which a rifle is reworked into topnotch MORE
SGM Rodney Lewis (standing), CPT Brian Ducote (left) and 1SG Gerald Cornell (shooting) look down range to see if Cornell hit a target with a practice round shot from the M-203 grenade launcher. Ducote and Cornell lead Co. B, 1st BN, 28th IN Regiment. (Photo by Amanda Kim Stairrett, Fort Riley Post)

Historic artillery brigade inactivates

May 7, 2007 — BAMBERG, Germany After nearly a century of committed service to the nation, the U.S. Armys first field artillery brigade of its kind has cased its colors for the last time.The 1st Infantry Division Artillery inactivated during a ceremony inside the Freedom Fitness Facility at Warner Barracks in Bamberg, Germany, Feb. 16, after having been at the MORE
COL Walter Gilliam, 1st Infantry Division Artillery commander, gives a heartfelt farewell to his troops and the unit during the DIVARTY Inactivation Ceremony inside Freedom Fitness Facility Feb. 15. (Photo by SPC Stephen Baack, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

Cavalry troops endure Spur Ride

May 7, 2007 — SCHWEINFURT, Germany -- Among the many accouterments that separate one type of military unit from another, arguably the most noticeable are a pair of spurs and a black Stetson worn by the Armys cavalry. Soldiers in cavalry squadrons cannot wear the traditional accessories, however, until they demonstrate their skills. Thirty six Soldiers from the MORE
SGT Carlos Torres, a spur holder with C Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th U.S. Cavalry Regiment, helps Spur candidates SGT Jason Hartzell and CPT Carrie Przelski with the assembly of an M-2 machine gun after their first try during the 1-4 CAV Spur Ride at Camp Robertson Feb 9. (Photo by SPC Stephen Baack, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)

9th Engineers support inactivation ceremony for German army unit

May 7, 2007 — VOLKACH, Germany -- Soldiers from the 1st Infantry Divisions 9th Engineer Battalion witnessed the end of an era Feb. 10 at Mainfranken Kaserne in Volkach, Germany. A deactivation ceremony was held there for the German armys 12th Pioneer Battalion, the partnership unit of the 9th Engineers since 1996.During the ceremony, Soldiers from 9th Engineers MORE
German soldiers with the 12th Pioneer Battalion case their units colors for the last time during the units deactivation ceremony at Mainfranken Kaserne Feb. 10 (Photo by SPC Joe Alger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office).

1st ID sling load inspectors get lesson in safety

May 7, 2007 — SCHWEINFURT, Germany When a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter swoops in and drops an essential piece of military equipment or a cargo net full of re-supplies onto a battlefield, most people dont realize what goes into a mission such as this.But recently 26 Soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division learned just what it takes when they attended a Sling Load MORE
SSG Jason Brown (wearing a red riggers hat), an Aerial Delivery Field Service Department sling load inspector certification course instructor, gives a class on the sling load inspection sequence for an M998 Humvee during the SLIC course at Camp Robertson in Schweinfurt, Germany, Feb. 8 (Photo by SPC Joe Alger, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office).

'Iron Ranger squads attack live-fire training scenarios

May 7, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - Day and night, the popping of rounds fired from M16 and M4 rifles, the staccato of M249 and M240 automatic weapons fire and the shouts of commands filled five days of squad fire and maneuver training for the "Iron Rangers" of 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment Jan. 23-27.Thirty squads in the battalion underwent live fire MORE
A squad from Co. A, 1st BN, 16th IN, lays down suppressive fire during squad live-fire training at Range 9.  (Photo courtesy of 1st BN, 16th Infantry)