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Under the Oak Tree Counseling

May 4, 2007 — Its no secret that safety is a hot issue in the Army. Ask practically any commander or first sergeant about his priorities and the word safety will come up.Prominent Army leaders are stepping forward to more closely scrutinize the prevailing methods of imparting safety advice to their Soldiers. One of those methods, the weekend safety briefing, is MORE
A section sergeant takes the time to talk to his Soldiers about their plans for a long weekend, including phone numbers to call and back-up plans should something go wrong. (Photo illustration by Spc. Stephen Baack, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs.)

Secretary of the Army Visits Transition Team Training at Fort Riley

May 4, 2007 — FORT RILEY, Kansas - Secretary of the Army Francis Harvey met with 1st Infantry Division Military Transition Team members during a visit to Fort Riley, Kan., Nov. 2.This is a very important mission; perhaps at this time nothing going on in the Army is more important than training the members of these transition teams, said Harvey. Ultimately these MORE
Fort Riley post commander MG Carter F. Ham (R) leads Secretary of the Army Francis J. Harvey (L) down the 1st Division Hallway in the Big Red One Headquarters at Fort Riley, Kansas on November 2, 2006.

Soldiers From 82nd Medical Company Welcomed Home

May 4, 2007 — Spc. Kristy Green and her two children were standing in the front of the crowd waving flags for Spc. Brandon Green, Nov. 1. She and numerous other family members and friends waited for the 150 Soldiers of the 82nd Medical Company (Air Ambulance) to walk into Long Fitness Center for the Redeployment Ceremony.Its 3 oclock in the morning, and Im happy MORE
Kira Fidler embraced her husband, Sgt. Jerry Fidler, after being reunited after the units year long deployment to Iraq. This was her husbands third rotation with the 82nd Med. Co. (Photo by Sgt. Nicole Clarke, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs)

1st Inf. Div. picked to portray new Army Strong slogan

May 4, 2007 — Some Fort Riley Soldiers experienced the glitz and glitter of Tinsel Town firsthand without leaving Kansas. They took part in the majority of the filming for the new Army ad campaign done on post Sept. 25 to Oct. 5.HSI Productions, Radical Media and still photographer Ami Vitalie filmed the new Army television, Internet and print advertisements MORE
An AH-64 Apache helicopter flies over Big Red One Soldiers during filming at Training Area 17 here. The filming was for the new Army Strong ad campaign, which will replace An Army of One. (Photo by Pfc. Nathaniel Smith, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office)

Black Hawk down, DART to the rescue

May 4, 2007 — As the blades of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter spun, they beat against the wind, creating a rhythmic sound similar to a drum.The rhythmic sound is the normal sound you hear when riding in a Black Hawk. But this flight wasnt normal.After about 10 minutes, the helicopter made an emergency landing in the grass at an airfield in Junction City.The MORE
Pvt. Joshua Ramey and Pfc. Shannon Maywhort of the CAB, discuss how to take out the pressure switch on the Black Hawk that was the downed aircraft during the simulation exercise conducted Nov. 16. (Photo by Pvt. Andrea Merritt, Division Support Command PAO)

JCHS students shadow aviators for day

May 4, 2007 — Eight Junction City High School students visited the 1st Infantry Divisions Combat Aviation Brigade Feb. 8 to see Black Hawk helicopters up close and learn about the day-to-day lives of aviation Soldiers.The students shadowed mechanics of the brigades Company D, 3rd Battalion, 1st Aviation Regiment as the Soldiers performed routine inspections and MORE
Sgt. Justin Cummings, avionics mechanic with Co. D., 3rd Bn., 1st Avn. Regt., explains the workings of a Black Hawk control panel to Junction City High School Student Nicholas Corey during job shadow day with the company Feb. 8.

4th IBCT Deployment Ceremony

May 4, 2007 — A little over a year after its activation, the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team held a deployment ceremony at King Field House Jan. 25 before a large audience of fellow Soldiers and family members.The 4th IBCT, 1st Infantry Division, which was activated in January 2006, will deploy in early February in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.During the MORE
The guidons and colors of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team are dipped while rendering honors during the units deployment ceremony Jan. 25 at King Field House. (Photo by April Blackmon, Fort Riley Community Relations)

Top Iraqi general visits Fort Riley to see TT training

May 4, 2007 — Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Gen. Babaker Shawkat B. Zebari visited Fort Riley training areas Jan. 26 to observe transition team training, meet with post leaders and conduct a press conference for local and national reporters.Babaker, who was selected as the commanding general and chief of staff of Iraqi Joint Forces in 2003, met with the commanding MORE
Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Gen. Babaker Shawkat B. Zebari, center, watches as Transition Team training advisers demonstrate urban operations techniques during his visit to a Fort Riley training area Jan. 26 to observe TT training.  While there, he also met with post leaders and conducted a press conference for local and national reporters. (Photo by Spc. Stephen Baack, 1st Inf. Div. Public Affairs.)

Foreign journalists get look at training at Fort Riley

May 4, 2007 — Journalists from 22 foreign media outlets got a first-hand look Jan. 23-25 at what Fort Riley is doing to help support the Global War on Terrorism. During their visit, which was organized by the Army and the State Department Foreign Press Center, journalists got to see transition team training, interview Soldiers from the Combat Aviation Brigade, MORE
A Russian journalist dismounts the Humvee rollover simulator. The foreign press were invited to test out the simulator after watching Transition Team members go through the training. (Photo by Spc. Shaina Howard, 1st Inf. Div. Public Affairs.)

MRX MASCAL tests combat lifesavers

April 16, 2007 — As a group of Iraqis made their way to Mecca for a religious holiday, an explosion ripped through their vehicle killing and wounding the occupants. When Iraqi security forces and local onlookers converged on the scene, an unknown chemical agent filled the air enveloping everyone.The transition team Soldiers who encountered this training scenario MORE
Maj. Chris Kuhn, battalion team leader for Team 94-07, helps comrades “save a life” as he applies a combat application tourniquet to a dummy during the mass-casualty exercise portion of the team’s four-day, course-culminating mission-readiness exercise March 22 around Fort Riley’s urban clusters.  (Photo by Spc. Stephen Baack, 1st Inf. Div. PAO)

Aviation practices Fallen Angel Exercise

April 16, 2007 — In a digital exercise at Camp Funston March 28, Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Combat Aviation Brigade practiced reacting to a helicopter crash.Operating from the brigade tactical operations center, the company used the “fallen angel” exercise in preparation for their yearlong deployment to Iraq this summer, said Spc. MORE
Spc. Lisbervis Disdier, flight operations specialist, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Combat Aviation Brigade, receives intelligence information about a downed aircraft in the company’s “Fallen Angel” exercise. (Photo by Pfc. Dustin Roberts, 1st Inf. Div. PAO)

IAG commander gives press conference, observes TT training

April 16, 2007 — The commander of the Iraq Assistance Group visited transition team servicemembers and gave a press conference at Fort Riley March 29 to 30.IAG Commander Brig. Gen. Dana Pittard, who is also the 1st Infantry Division’s assistant division commander for maneuver, sat down with seven local journalists at Forward Operating Base Army Strong to discuss MORE
Brig. Gen. Dana Pittard, Iraq Assistance Group commander and the 1st Infantry Division’s assistant division commander for maneuver, talks to members of the local press about the transition team mission at Fort Riley and in Theater during a press conference at Forward Operating Base Army Strong here March 30 during his two-day visit. (Photo by Spc. Stephen Baack, 1st Inf. Div. PAO)

Tanks Return to Fort Riley

April 11, 2007 — The morning of March 2 may have been cold and windy, but that didn’t stop the civilian contractors at the Camp Funston railhead from unloading almost 200 armored vehicles returning to Fort Riley’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team. The around 60 M1A2 Abrams tanks and 120 Bradley Fighting Vehicles arrived to post early to support 3rd BCT’s 11-month MORE
An M1A2 Abrams Tank rolls down the sand trail March 2 after being unloaded from the Camp Funston railhead. (Photo by Pfc. Francisca Vega, 3rd Brigade Public Affairs office)

Aviator receives award for assistance at accident scene

April 11, 2007 — An aviation Soldier went above and beyond the call of duty and was rewarded for it. Pfc. Jason Beasley, Company A, 601st Aviation Support Battalion, was presented the Army Commendation Medal by Maj. Gen. Carter Ham, the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley commanding general, Feb. 23 at Barlow Theater.Beasley’s received the award in recognition MORE
Maj. Gen. Carter Ham, the 1st infantry Division and Fort Riley Commander, speaks about Pfc. Jason Beasley’s heroic efforts in assisting at the scene of a multi-vehicle accident. Ham presented the Army Commendation Medal to Beasley in front of his peers in Company A, 601st ASB. (Photo by Pfc. Dustin Roberts, Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs.)

Soldiers get brand-new eyes

April 11, 2007 — Two 1st Infantry Division Soldiers recently began seeing the Army in a new way – unencumbered by glasses or contacts.  Pfc. Andrea Merritt, print journalist and public affairs specialist with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Sustainment Brigade, was one of approximately 200 Soldiers to receive photorefractive keratectomy, or PRK as it’s MORE
Capt. Nicholas Pefkaros, chief of ophthalmology at Irwin Army Community Hospital, applies a device to the eye of Pfc. Andrea Merritt during her photorefractive keratectomy procedure at the hospital Feb. 23. (Photo by Spc. Stephen Baack, 1st Inf. Div. Public Affairs)