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COMMUNITY CORNER - Recognizing Dads and all they do

By Col. John D. Lawrence | GARRISON COMMANDER | June 16, 2017

     Father’s Day, like Moth­er’s Day, has a modern origin. The idea came from the daughter of a farmer who raised his six children alone on the family farm after their mother died in childbirth. Mrs. John Dodd, one of those chil­dren, decided to lobby for a day dedicated to fatherhood. On June 19, 1910, the first official observance happened. Since then, dads have received thoughtful gifts from their children each year on this spe­cial day. While these gifts are appreciated, one of the most important gifts we can share as families is time together.

     Being a father is a challeng­ing role for any dad. Being a military father can be espe­cially tough, due to frequent deployments and professional responsibilities. Finding a solid work-life balance is hard, but necessary. For those service members that can’t be with their families this year, I hope you’ll be able to spend time on Father’s Day next year. For those who are at home this year, enjoy your time with your family and create some special memories.

     Throughout the month of June, I encourage all Fort Riley and 1st Infantry Division dads to partici­pate in the Army Commu­nity Service’s “Strong Dads Challenge.” You can read more about it at The Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation encourages you to take a photo with your kids enjoying one of the challenge activities and submit it to; you can also tag the Fort Riley Parenting Face­book page with #9DMDM for a chance to win prizes. Photos must be submitted no later than July 5.

     On behalf of the Fort Riley and 1st Infantry Division team, I want to personally say thank you for rising to the challenges associated with being a military dad. I understand your sacrifices and appreciate all you — and your families — do for our country.

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