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By Suet Lee-Growney | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | June 09, 2017

     Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “Wine is bottled poetry.”

     Wine enthusiasts can identify with similar sentiments when they taste the local wine and bask in the views of the wineries around the Fort Riley area.

     Wineries with the most stunning views of the cascading greenery of the Flint Hills are Liquid Art Winery and Estate located at 1745 Wildcat Creek Road, Manhattan, Kansas, and Prairie Fire Kansas Winery and Vineyard located at 20250 Hudson Ranch Road, Paxico, Kansas

     The 10-acre, and soon to be 20-acre, property of Liquid Art is owned by David and Danielle Tegtmeier. The husband-and-wife duo focuses on primarily premium dry wines and the chemistry of winemaking. Their most popular wines are the robust Red Blend and crisp Seyval Blanc.

     Perhaps the most outstanding thing about the wine at Liquid Art is that David Tegtmeier is a seventh generation Kansas farmer who has had a formal education in the art and science of winemaking. He has degrees in enology and viticulture. Liquid Art’s Seyval Blanc features grapes from David Tegtmeier’s first vineyard when he was only 15 years old.

     Prairie Fire is hidden just off Interstate 70 in 60 acres of picturesque Kansas landscape. The owner, Bob DesRuisseaux, encourages visitors to take a stroll in their meticulously manicured vineyard and walk around the property through a walking trail atop one of high points of the ranch

     Prairie Fire prides themselves for producing wine from only 100 percent Kansas grown grapes, which is unusual since it is common to bring in grapes from the coastal parts of the United States. Their best-selling wine is their red medium-bodied Chambourcin, which is also the most widely planted grape in the state.

     For a wine tasting experience that isn’t the usual sip and swirl out in the open, Oz Winery located at 417 Lincoln Ave., Wamego, Kansas offers a slightly different experience with a literary twist.

     The city of Wamego doesn’t need a formal introduction for its Land of Oz notoriety, but the winery goes beyond celebrating the Oz culture. The label art and names that pay homage to the story are clever and beautifully designed. If anyone should be interested in collecting them, label plaques are available for sale. Some of their most popular wines include Squished Witch, a fruity, semi-sweet Ives Noir; and Flying Monkey, a jammy Zinfandel with a peppery finish.

     Wyldewood Cellars is a family-owned and multi-award winning winery and vineyard. They are the only establishment in Kansas winemaking business to have two international professional wine tasting judges on staff, John Brewers the co-founder of the winery and his nephew Shawn Ramos.

     The driving idea behind creating award winning wine is combining the old and new ways of elderberry winemaking. Wyldewood Cellars are a little different that the other wineries in a way that they are known for their sweeter wines.

     Wyldewood Cellars is available at multiple locations around Kansas and the nearest tasting room is located at 32633 Grapewine Road, Paxico, Kansas. Brewers said the key to their good wine is for him to always remember wine is food and people always want to eat food they would enjoy.


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