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CHAPLAIN’S CORNER - Army’s birthday, Chaplain Corps role in support

By Chap. (Capt.) Kevin Coulter | June 09, 2017

     The Army of the United States of America was formed June 14, 1775 by the Continental Congress. The first battles of the Revolution took place in April of 1775 at Lexington and Concord between British troops and Massachusetts militia. Congress authorized a standing army to defend the united Colonies, desiring to raise ten companies of Soldiers. They believed that the fighting was just beginning, and that an army was needed.

     They were exactly right. Days were hectic and unsure.

     However, this fledging group of fighters continued through the Revolutionary War and won freedom from Great Britain. For the last 242 years, the United States Army has stood as the greatest fighting force in the world.

     One month and a half later after the formation of the Army, the United States Chaplaincy was born. On July 29, 1775, clergymen and ministers began serving the American troops.

     Why did this happen? Because a need existed. Army chaplains provide and perform religious support as well as advise their commanders on matters of morale and the divine. Through war and during times of peace, the Chaplain Corps stands alongside the brave men and women who protect our freedoms and defend our Nation.

     As an Army Chaplain, I believe that the birthday of our Nation’s Army is important for two reasons. First, it shows us the blessings and the protection of God over our military and over our country. While there have been periods of war and doubt over the last 242 years, the United States has carried on and prospered for the cause of freedom.

     The Lord has been very good to us. I wonder if those in the Continental Congress ever considered that the decisions they made concerning the Army would extend into 2017.

     Secondly, I feel that it is a tremendous privilege to serve the United States of America by being a chaplain. While there are obvious differences to our modern Army and the troops that General George Washington first led, some things remain the same. Our love for freedom, our desire to protect those who cannot defend themselves, and our sense of honor will endure.

     It is a wonderful thing to minister to our brave fighting men and women who serve so that these ideals can exist. I respect the Army greatly, and I am thankful for all that our Soldiers do for this great nation.

     The birth of the United States Army and the origin of the United States Chaplain Corps are separated by only a few days in history. However, they have been, and will continue to be, intertwined with each other. As long as there are Soldiers, there will be chaplains. I am thankful to God for His blessing upon our country, and I am truly humbled and honored to serve as an Army chaplain. So this Army birthday, be thankful for our Soldiers, our nation and our God. God bless you.


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