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CHAPLAIN’S CORNER - U.S. Army Chaplain Corps turns 242

By Chap. (Lt. Col.) Byung K. Min | DEPUTY GARRISON CHAPLAIN, FORT RILEY | August 04, 2017

     July 29, 2017, marked the Army Chaplain Corps’ 242nd birthday.

     Since its establishment in 1775, more than 25,000 Army chaplains have served millions of Soldiers and family members across the globe.

     Since the beginning of America’s history, chaplains have always been present to ensure that the moral and spiritual needs of Soldiers were taken care of.

     The Army Chaplain Corps strives to accomplish the three mission statements as stated by the Army Chaplaincy Strategic Plan:

     1. Provide religious support to America’s Army across the full spectrum of operation.

     2. Assist the commander in ensuring the right of free exercise of religion.

     3. Provide spiritual, moral and ethical leadership to the Army.

     But to be successful chap­lains do not stand alone in their mission. Religious Affairs Specialists (formerly called Chaplain Assistants) are there to assist and protect the chap­lain in any situation. Together, they make up the Unit Minis­try Team, which is vital to the success of helping the military community, both Soldiers and their families, maintain a strong spiritual morale.

     The teams currently serve in more than 120 countries, supporting the Army’s strategic missions. In any situation Army chaplains and RASs are there to serve their country just as their motto states, “Pro Deo et Patria,” when translated means “For God and Country.”

     About 37 teams are serv­ing here in the community of Fort Riley, striving to help and reach out with a helping hand spiritually whenever and wherever. The Fort Riley religious support center office is at the Vic­tory Chapel across the Fort Riley Commissary.


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