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Financial management unit holds Activation and Reflagging Ceremony

By Sgt. Tamara Thompson | 1ST INF. DIV. SUST. BDE. PUBLIC AFFAIRS | August 17, 2017

     A small group of Soldiers from the 9th Financial Management Support Unit conducted an Activation and Reflagging Ceremony July 17 at Custer Hill Parade Field.

      Maj. Frank Tortella and 1st Sgt. Kwanteko Wingfield will be leading and commanding the 9th FMSU.

    The 9th FMSU has a long history going back to Nov. 1, 1942, when it was constituted and called the 9th Finance Section, according to material provided by the unit. It activated Dec. 7, 1942, at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.

     Through its history, the unit has changed names several times and participated in three campaigns during World War II.

     The historical material went on to say that after the unit was assigned Dec. 7, 1950, to the regular Army and activated Dec. 18, 1950, in Korea, it participated in seven campaigns during the Korean War.

     From that time on, the unit has been redesignated several times and finally, June 14, 2008, was reassigned to the Special Troops Battalion, 593rd Sustainment Brigade at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

     The unit is now at Fort Riley “to assume command authority over the two existing finance detachments as well as providing direct financial management support to Fort Riley and 1st Inf. Div.,” Wingfield said.

     During the ceremony, the Soldiers stood on the field as the temperature continued to rise on the bright day. The colors were uncased and presented before the crowd.

     Not only is the 9th FMSU new to Fort Riley, but also Wingfield is leading the unit as a recently promoted first sergeant.

     “I am motivated as the first sergeant because I have been given the opportunity to groom the 9th FMSU,” Wingfield said. “Not only will 1st Inf. Div. remember the 9th FMSU, but the Soldier will forever remember 9th FMSU. For me to leave an impression on the Soldiers that would help them make wise decisions and develop into great leaders and individuals is rewarding as a leader.”

    Tortella is coming to the activated unit from McDaniel College Army ROTC where he was assigned as the assistant professor of military science.

     Wingfield is coming from Grafenwoehr, Germany, where she was the budget manager assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division. She was then deployed to Qatar and served as the senior enlisted advisor of budgeting.

     “The opportunity to lead Soldiers is always a privilege and an honor. We look forward to serving and supporting Fort Riley Soldiers,” Tortella said.


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