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Apple pie, ice cream social brings people together for historical society

By Season Osterfeld | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | August 23, 2017

     The smell of warm apple pie, fresh from the oven, wafted from the Custer House and down the side­walk groups of people to come inside and join chatting guests and members of the Historical and Archaeological Society of Fort Riley for the annual Ice Cream Social Aug. 13.

     The Ice Cream Social was HASFR’s an­nual membership drive to recruit more peo­ple as lifetime members.

    “It’s our big membership drive,” said Shauna Laauwe, president of HASFR and wife of Lt. Col. Brad Laauwe, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 1st Infantry Di­vision. “We always take memberships via our website, but this is our time where we invite the community into Custer House and we let them sample some of Libby Custer’s apple pies that are sold at (Fall) Apple Day.”

    Members of HASFR work to preserve and share Fort Riley’s history with in­stallation residents and visitors. Laauwe said. They do this by acting as docents for Custer House, hosting quarterly his­tory chats, providing ghost tours and walking tours, such as the tour of homes and more. The organization also works directly with the Fort Riley Museums.

     “We’re a private organization, we’re in coordination with the museums,” she said. “We help preserve the history of Fort Riley … We work with Junction (City) with some of their events. We do historical chats.

     “Our job is just to preserve and teach. Fort Riley’s population is transient. We keep the spirit and history of Fort Riley alive.”

     The social also served as a platform to start presales on apple pies for the Fall Apple Day Festival and recruit more volunteers to help make them, said Maggy Gray, one of the HASFR pie queens and wife of Lt. Col. Pete Gray, professor of Military Science at Kansas State University.

     The pie queens, members of HASFR and volunteers plan to make about 1,500 pies this year using Libby Custer’s recipe.

     “It’s to raise awareness about HASFR and get new members and we’re also … talking about Apple Day and selling apple pies, which is our big fundraiser, and not only are we recruiting members, but hopefully we are recruiting people to help us make apple pies — 1,500 pies takes a lot of volunteers,” she said.

      Gray said HASFR members encourage people to preorder their pies as they sell out quickly at Fall Apple Day.

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