Fort Riley, Kansas



Logistics Readiness Center to implement changes in permanent change of station process

By Suet Lee-Growney | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | October 06, 2017

      For those who are moving for a permanent change of duty station after Jan. 2, 2018, the Logistics Readiness Center advises Soldiers to start the process as soon as possible upon receiving PCS orders due to changes in the transportation procedures.

      The transportation office carries out all their customer service operations as a Personal Property Processing Office. The office consists of two parts — the front and back end of operations. The front is where the customer would interact with LRC functions such as the counseling office. The back is where the administration staff schedules the move and handles the bills.

      For PCS moves processed Jan. 2 and beyond, the office will be switching from PPPO to a Personal Property Shipping Office. For the most part, the transition will be smooth to the service members on the customer service side, said Greg Paine, LRC chief of personal property. The change is in the back end of operations. All planning, scheduling and billing of Fort Riley PCS and other Army posts on the Northwest region will be handled by Joint Base Lewis– McChord Joint Personal Property Shipping Office in Washington.

     “Once we become PPPO, we will still do all the front-office stuff,” Paine said. “We will be doing all the counselling, doing the paperwork and making sure everything is set up with the customer, but we will be sending that out to Fort Lewis-McChord and they will actually be getting a moving company assigned to service member’s move and they will be paying all the bills and things like that.”

    Laura Morris, LRC traffic management specialist, said once the change takes effect, the administrative side of their responsibility will be forwarding paperwork.

    “We will lose our back office functions, meaning we will not be required to do the billing, the handling, the invoices and that type of thing,” Morris said. “We will continue to counsel and to assist the customer and basically just forward their paperwork to the JPPSO to put in the system … it really should be seamless to the customer because that is the part that the side of the transportation office they see currently, is the counselling and the assistance on this end.”

     There are several benefits that come with the change of responsibility when the weight of the back-end of operations transfers from within Fort Riley to JLBM JPPSO, which manages several other posts in the region.

     “The benefit is that the (JBLM) JPPSO has more assets to move service members, than we do here locally,” Paine said. “They have a greater number of assets available as far as transportation service providers, which is a TSP. They have a greater number of TSPs that service their region (and) of course, costs savings to the government.”

      With the increase of moves handled by one office, there could be longer wait times for scheduling, according to Morris.

     “(Moving logistics) are regionalized now,” Morris said. “They’re going to have a lot more customers for scheduling. It may take a little bit longer for a pick up.”

     To overcome the longer wait and avoid delays in moving household goods, Paine said service members need to be an active participant in their moving process and make sure to get with them as soon as they receive orders. This is very critical during peak season, which is between May and August.

     “They may not get their household good picked up on the day they are requesting,” he said. “It might end up taking an extra week or so.”

      The Personally Procured Move Program will still be handled internally as well as all moves scheduled before the end of the year.

     “Shipments that are already being processed by our office, on or before 31 December, we will continue business as normal with them,” Paine said. “It’s not until after 31 December that JPPSO Northwest there will be handling anything else that comes in. All the new stuff that comes in will be handled by them … so it’s not going to be a solid cut off.”

      For more information on the change visit or call 785-239-6683.