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By Kalene Lozick | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | November 03, 2017

     Wakefield is a small town in Clay County about 20 miles from Fort Riley. The city had a population of less than 1,000 people according to 2014 U.S. census data.

Wakefield is northwest of Fort Riley in Clay County nestled by Milford Lake. The city is known as a “Gateway to the Wetlands.”

     Due to its close proximity to Milford Lake, the town is known for its recreational opportunities. Wakefield is a part of the Wakefield Recreation Association, which is an all-volunteer organization sponsored by the town.

     The mission of WRA is to provide a foundation where children — grades kindergarten to eighth — can build their skills in soccer, basketball and baseball.

     Wakefield offers a variety of city organizations that support this foundation.

     As a town that holds an interest is recreational activities, the city of Wakefield has camping, fishing and hunting amenities.

     One such location is Clay County Park at 201 2nd St., which also holds annual events and festivals.

     The park has nightly rates for tents set at $10. There are also weekly and monthly rates available. For more information about Clay County Park, visit .

     The camping opportunities can be viewed online at government/clay-county-park.

     Fishing amenities are available at Milford Lake, which, to some, is a fisherman’s paradise. There are boat ramps and local businesses that sell bait and fulfill other fishing needs.

     If a hunting getaway is desired, Wakefield has 600 acres of public wetlands and more than 11,000 acres of public hunting grounds.

    For those who enjoy museums, the city is home to Wakefield Museum at the intersection of Fourth and Hickory Streets. The museum is a stroll down history lane as one learns the background of the town and the surrounding areas.

     The Republican Valley Farm Museum features a variety of antique farming equipment, tractors and more for visitors to view and learn about. For more information about the museum, call 785-461-5516 or visit

     With more than 1,000 species of exotic and woody plants at the Kansas Landscape Arboretum, there are bird-viewing sites, nature trails and more. For more information, call 785-461-5760.

     For more information about Wakefield, visit their website


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