Fort Riley, Kansas



Costume fun at the library

By Season Osterfeld | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | November 03, 2017

     Halloween came twice this year as the Fort Riley Post Li­brary held their free Hallow­een party Oct. 28 and greeted families with trick-or-treat bags filled with goodies.

     “It gives the kids a chance to come out, show us their costumes — we’ve had some awesome costumes this year,” said Terri Seaman, contract manager at the Fort Riley Post Library, who was dressed as a vampire countess. “We had a T-rex just a little bit ago. He was awesome … Some of these costumes are just amazing.”

     After receiving their treat bag from Seaman and a youth helper of hers, attendees clamored their way to the crafts table to make a mummy face or spider web art project. Others lined up to toss a bean pack into a colorful pumpkin filled with candy and small toys. If their bean bag made it into the pumpkin, they re­ceived the goodies inside.

     Toward the back of the building, parents and chil­dren alike talked or played while snacking on cookies and sipping on goosebumps punch — complete with worms in it.

     Eleven-year-old Azia Hartley, daughter of Sgt. Rondell Hart­ley, Headquarters and Head­quarters Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, who was dressed as a skeleton bride, attended with her two siblings and her parents.

      She said she and her siblings love Halloween, so she was happy to be at the party, but it was the goosebumps punch that really won her over.

      “It’s amazing — especially this punch,” Hartley said. “I like this punch. This is my third cup.”

      A moment later, Hartley pouted as she realized her more recent cup of punch lacked the gummi worm swimming about in it, but her younger sister ar­rived to distract her.

      “She’s just here for the can­dy,” Hartley said of her sister.

She added she was glad to be there with her siblings because she likes playing with them.

      Originally, the library planned a party to celebrate fall earlier in the month of Octo­ber, however, scheduling issues caused them to push things back and change to a Hallow­een party, Seaman said.

      “We just adapted,” she said. “We always have a plan B and sometimes even a C and a D because we never know. Things like this happen.”

      Although the change was short notice, Seaman said the party was still great, citing the laugher and packed full library as proof.

      “When we get a chance to have a party, we try to make it as fun as we can,” she said.

      The next free library party is a Thanksgiving Party Nov. 4 from 1 to 3 p.m. The library is at 5306 Hood Drive.