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Costumed runners aglow for candy parade, 5K race courses

By Season Osterfeld | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | November 03, 2017

     As night took over Fort Riley and cold temperatures took hold, more than 75 people took their mark, got set and ran or played their way through a candy parade or 5K run during the GLO Run Oct. 27 that began at Sacco Softball Complex.

     This year is the fourth year the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation have hosted the GLO Run, said Ashanti Ellis-Corbin, facility director for Robinson Fitness Center and race director. Al­though it is not an annual run, she said she hopes to see it become one as people enjoy donning their costumes, neon clothing and glow sticks for the race.

     “This is our fourth year that we have done the GLO Run,” she said. “It’s one of our most exciting events because it’s the only nighttime run that we have on Fort Riley, so it’s really cool.”

     Two courses were available this year and both began at the same time. The candy pa­rade was about 1.4 miles long and included multiple candy stations kids and adults alike could stop at for treats. The 5-kilome­ter course, which is roughly 3 miles, took participants from Sacco Softball Complex around Moon Lake and back.

     Prior to the race, there were dance con­tests, prize giveaways, a warm-up Zumba session, soccer goals, basketball and more for everyone to enjoy.

     Master Sgt. Leticia Carvalho, Head­quarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Armored Brigade Com­bat Team, 1st Infantry Di­vision, and her husband Michael Carvalho, also a vet­eran, attended the race with their 10-year-old daughter.

     “She really wanted to come out here, put all her glow stuff on and get ready for Halloween,” Leticia said.

     Although it was cold and their other children remained at home, they both said the race was a fun way to bring families and communities closer.

     “I think it’s good for the community — getting every­one together,” Leticia said.

     Michael added the race was also a healthy alternative to other popular Friday night activities.

     “Especially on a Friday evening, instead of going out to a bar, do this,” he said.

     Eight-year-old Paynter Laub, son of Sgt. Aaron Laub, 287th Military Police Com­pany, 97th Military Police Battalion, is no stranger to 5Ks. The GLO Run marked the eighth one he’d partici­pated in, he said.

     “I like to run and in a 5K you do a lot of running,” he said of why he participated in the race. “It’s like something to get you places faster than just walking and when I start­ed running, I really liked it.”

     Laub said he is working his way to competing in a half marathon soon, but for now he enjoys the fun runs avail­able to him. He said he liked running in the GLO Run be­cause it was at night.

     “You can be in the dark and have lots of glow sticks and stuff,” Laub said.

     As the racers crossed the finish line, they were greeted by the live DJ, multi colored lights, photo booths and raffle drawings. Ellis-Corbin said the night was a suc­cess, noting how many people — both adults and kids — turned up costumed and ready to run despite the freezing wind.

     “When you can get your kids out, having fun and getting them running — that’s the best part,” she said.


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