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RECYCLING CENTER - Missed recycling connections

By Chris Otto | RECYCLE AND SOLID WASTE COORDINATOR | November 17, 2017

     Have you ever wondered if you missed a recycling connection? No need to scroll through Craigslist “Missed Connections” looking for the bottle you never recycled or the can that got away. This article will help you recognize those connections before they slip away.

     There are many opportunities for recycling that are missed at home because people might not have bins where the recycled materials are used. Most people have recycling bins in their kitchen or garage but never put one in the bathroom. According to Keep America Beautiful, 47 percent of those who don’t recycle bathroom products say it is because they don’t have a bin in the bathroom. Many things in the bathroom are recyclable including: shampoo bottles, toilet paper rolls, empty pill bottles, soap boxes, tissue boxes, magazines — for when the phone is charging — and mouthwash bottles. Having a small bin in the bathroom makes it easier to recycle these products. Other helpful places for recycling bins that people often miss include the bedroom, home office and where you open junk mail.

     With the holiday season coming up, there will be many opportunities for you to recycle. Cardboard boxes from online retailers or big box stores are the big items to recycle, but don’t forget paper greeting cards, envelopes, holiday catalogues, gift boxes and paper bags. Fort Riley also recycles the white Styrofoam from packaging. If you are hosting a party, place recycling bins where guests can place cans, bottles, and other products. People at parties often throw recyclables away because they can’t find the recycling bin.

     If you live on Fort Riley, you can put your recyclables in your curbside recycling bin — that is the green one with the yellow lid. Anyone on post can drop materials off at one of the collection points around post at Main and Custer Hill Post Exchanges, behind the Recycle Center at the intersection of 4th and G Street in Camp Funston and inside most administrative buildings on post. Active Duty units can also turn in materials at the Recycle Center to get Troop Incentive Program funds for their accounts from the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

     People miss recycling opportunities all the time. Hopefully the tips in this article will help you realize those opportunities before they are gone.

     For more information on how to recycle on Fort Riley, call 785-239-2385.