Fort Riley, Kansas



Military 101: Army Community Service course educates spouses on basics

By Kalene Lozick | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | January 29, 2018

     Spouses and Soldiers alike came together for a Military 101 class — a course designed and taught by Jane Brookshire, Army Community Service program manager — Jan. 18 at ACS.

      Every month ACS holds Military 101 on about the fourth Thursday. Military 101 is designed to strengthen the Army family with a team building course.

      The class covers 10 sections for level one. Those who choose to continue to learn can progress to level two and level three.

     “In Military 101 we go over acronyms, military time, rank, command structure, social functions, military etiquette, protocol and ceremony,” Brookshire said. “We go over benefits and entitlement with LES (leave and earnings statement). We go over all the community resources that are available to them. We also go over FRG (family readiness group). Those are the main ones — we go over a lot.”

      Brookshire coordinates monthly Military 101 classes. She said her passion is teaching and her educational background is in debate.

      “I am a master trainer, so I train people to instruct my classes as well and certify them,” she said.

     Due to her joy of teaching, she said Military 101 is not all about military information. It is also to engage spouses with the Fort Riley community.

      “It doesn’t even have to be about the military, just tell me what you do want to do and I am going to find where you can do it so that you can meet some friends,” Brookshire said. “Get out there and get involved to better yourself.”

     Jackie Cantiello, wife of Pfc. Anthony Cantiello, 41st Engineer Company (Clearance), 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, attended the first Military 101 class of the year.

     “I actually contacted Jane before moving here,” she said. “I have been talking to her for about three to four months now. I met her about a month ago when we moved here. She told me I needed to come to Military 101. She laid out everything for me. She already helped me with education resources. So, today, I am just really excited to learn about what Anthony talks about when he comes home and I don’t have to be ‘I don’t know what you are saying. Can you repeat that in normal language?’ Also to get to know people, that is really what I want.”

      Brookshire said she felt it would be a disservice to the spouses if they felt like the length of their Soldier’s service was a waste.

     “So, for me, if someone cannot make it to the class, it’s OK just let me know when you can and I’ll do it here (at ACS) and you can bring your kids with you,” Brookshire said. “I’ve seen people leave the military because spouses are just not comfortable. Basically, to me it comes down to knowledge; the more you know the less afraid you are about things and the more you are to get involved.”

      The next Military 101 will be taught Feb. 22. For more information or to enroll, email Jane Brookshire at