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Garrison personnel recognized for accomplishments at awards ceremony

By Season Osterfeld | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | January 29, 2018

     As the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 comes to a close, 11 individuals and six Fort Riley garrison organizations were recognized for their achievements during the Garrison Awards Ceremony Jan. 19 at Summerall Hall, building 500.

     Benita Edwards, Employment Readiness Program manager with Army Community Service, swept the most awards during the ceremony as she was selected as Employee of the Month for December and Garrison Employee of the Quarter for the first quarter. In addition to her recognition, she is now in the running for Garrison Employee of the Year for FY18.

     Edwards was recognized for the successful planning and execution of the Hiring and Education Job Fair, as well as the first Work From Home Hiring Fair to happen at Fort Riley.

    “Benita goes above and beyond in everything she takes on,” said Brian Bartlett, host of the ceremony and operations specialist with the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security. “Her Work From Home and Hiring and Education Job Fair were both highly successful according to feedback from vendors and attendees. Her attention to detail in coordinating the events was above reproach. She reached out to make in person contacts as well as evites and phone calls. Her organization of necessary paperwork for vendors to enter post without delay made the process much easier than it would have been. The staff and volunteers she recruited to work the front tables as vendors and guests arrived helped the flow and reduced the wait time and long lines to enter Riley’s Conference Center. The first ever Work From Home mini job fair had a total of 87 attendees and 10 jobs offered the day of the event.”

     Following Edward’s selection as Employee of the Month and Employee of the Quarter, David Roudybush, director of DFMWR, stepped forward to praise her efforts and thank her for her dedication.

     “I noticed when her name was announced, she had this gigantic smile on her face,” he said. “If and when you go in to see her, you will always see that. No matter how bad a day she may be having, no matter how frustrating things may get, she always has that smile and that's what I continuously here from customers — that she's here for them. She's done some very big events and we got job offers right there on the spot for our Soldiers, but the main one that was referenced was that Work From Home. That was her idea, she came to me with several months planning to get it past me, but it was a huge success for being the first time ever here at Fort Riley and it is all due to her.”

     Carol Fittro, Plans, Analysis and Integration Office, and Deborah Wilkerson, DPTMS, were also nominated for Employee of the Month for December. Firefighter Adam Rothgeb from the Fort Riley Fire and Emergency Services, who was Employee of the Month for October and Sgt. Jonathan Cornejo from the Directorate of Emergency Services, who was Employee of the Month for November, were also in the running for Garrison Employee of the Quarter for the first quarter.

     Three personnel from the Fort Riley garrison Safety Office received the Director of Army Safety Risk Management Award for Exceptional Performance and contributions to the U.S. Army Safety and Occupational Health Program.

     Ron Clasberry, Dawn Douglas and Thomas Anderson were recognized for “their proactive approach using the risk management process in mitigating safety hazards has demonstrated exemplary leadership and made a significant contribution to army readiness,” Bartlett said quoting the notice accompanying the awards. “Their tireless efforts have resulted in a safer and healthier environment for all assigned to Fort Riley. These actions demonstrate their dedication and commitment to the safety, health, morale and welfare of all those who work and live there, signed David J. Francis, brigadier general, U.S. Army, commanding.”

     Rounding out the individual awards during the ceremony were Angela Martin, management analyst for the Directorate of Human Resources, and Michael Rowley, legal administrator for the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, who both received the U.S. Army Garrison Fort Riley Risk Management Award for their performance and contributions to the U.S. Army Safety and Occupational Health Program.

     Lastly, Daniel Hammond, DPTMS, was awarded the Army Commander’s for Civilian Service “for dedicated service from 1 October 2016 to 30 September 2017 as a mediator for Equal Employment Opportunity issues,” Bartlett said quoting the award notice. “His exceptional skills in mediation and facilitation has made him invaluable to the Equal Employment Opportunity Office and Fort Riley. Mr. Hammond’s distinguished performance is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Army and reflects great credit upon him, the United States Army Garrison Fort Riley the Installation Management Command and the United States Army, signed Col. John D. Lawrence, garrison commander.”


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