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4th IBCT Deployment Ceremony

By SPC Nathaniel Smith | 1st Infantry Division | May 04, 2007

A little over a year after its activation, the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team held a deployment ceremony at King Field House Jan. 25 before a large audience of fellow Soldiers and family members.

The 4th IBCT, 1st Infantry Division, which was activated in January 2006, will deploy in early February in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

During the ceremony, Brigade Commander Col. Ricky Gibbs put the significance of the Brigades stand up into perspective.

This is truly a historic event, Gibbs said. A little over a year ago, the Soldiers standing before you werent much more than an abstract concept in the Department of the Army.

The brigade is the first brigade combat team to be formed from the ground up and deployed since World War II. In January 2006, the unit consisted of nearly 600 Soldiers, now the roughly 3,500 Soldiers are headed to Iraq.

Staff Sgt. Conrad Kaluzny, a scout squad leader with the 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, said the Soldiers are eager to put all of their training over the past year into action.

I feel good, Kaluzny said. Our men are hungry and theyre ready to go.

The brigade cased its colors during the ceremony for the journey into a combat zone. According to Army tradition, units heading to combat ceremoniously furl their flags during an event at home. Later, when they reach their destination, the Soldiers have another ceremony to unfurl the colors.

Standing before a large American flag at the field house, the 4th IBCT Soldiers encased the brigade, battalion and company guidons.

For some Soldiers, their eagerness to go overseas and fight for their country was intense.

I feel good about it, said Staff Sgt. Adam West, a section sergeant from Troop B, 1st Sqdn., 4th Cav., who has previously deployed to Kosovo and Honduras. We are ready to go and do our job.

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