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Aviation practices Fallen Angel Exercise

By SPC Dustin M Roberts | 1st Infantry Division | April 16, 2007

In a digital exercise at Camp Funston March 28, Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Combat Aviation Brigade practiced reacting to a helicopter crash.

Operating from the brigade tactical operations center, the company used the “fallen angel” exercise in preparation for their yearlong deployment to Iraq this summer, said Spc. Lisbervis Disdier, flight operations specialist, HHC, CAB.

“Scenarios like these prepare you for what to expect in a real situation,” Disdier said.

During the exercise, Disdier received a call from the company’s intelligence section saying there was suspicious activity in the area where a certain Black Hawk, called “Medicine Man,” was flying.

Five minutes later Intelligence reported that “Medicine Man” was down.

Through intelligence reports in a real situation, the TOC can be informed of weather conditions in the area of the downed aircraft, how many people were in it and if it was shot down by the enemy.

In this exercise, four Soldiers were in the fallen Black Hawk, shot down by enemy fire.

When notified of a “fallen angel,” the TOC calls a pre-determined downed aircraft response team, and they immediately respond to the “fallen angel.”

“They need to be able to react on a moment’s notice,” said Spc. *** Averre, aviation operations, HHC, CAB. “The DART should be ready to go to help at the crash site.”

As the CAB continues to train for its upcoming deployment to Iraq, Averre said, more realistic situations are incorporated.

“This training is so important,” Averre said. “You never know when an aircraft can go down.” (Story by Pfc. Dustin Roberts, 1st Inf. Div. PAO)

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