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Frequently Asked Questions

By | Media Relations, Public Affairs Office | July 01, 2016

How can I locate a former Soldier or buddy from an old unit?

The Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits releasing the last known address of former Army members without their written consent. However, the agency identified below will assist your search by forwarding your letter to the service member's last known address. To pursue locating a former Army Soldier: - Write a letter to the Soldier. Place this letter in a sealed and stamped envelope, including your full name and return address. - Write a letter addressed to the National Personnel Records Center requesting their assistance with your search. Be sure to include the service member's name, serial number and/or social security number, and date of birth if available. - Place your envelope addressed to the service member AND the letter to the National Personnel Records Center in ONE envelope. Address this envelope to: National Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63132-5200. Please note current addresses for discharged service members are not maintained at the records center - this center only has the service member's last officially recorded address. Letters to service members the record center can not identify or who are known to be deceased will be returned to you.


Who do I call if I do not receive a Post newspaper?

Newspapers are delivered to most office buildings and every quarters on the installation. The papers are delivered Thursday night to office buildings and Friday afternoon to quarters. If you do not receive a newspaper, call 239-8854 for the editor. We will make sure you receive your papers.


How do I schedule Media on the Battlefield training?

Media on the Battlefield training is intended for deploying augmentees or units who want or need the training for awareness or deployment. Augmentees and smaller units should call 239-2824 to schedule an appointment at 500 Huebner Rd. Large units, for example a battalion task force, need to request the training through the PAO at 239-2253 because it usually involves several classes and more manpower commitment.


Is Fort Riley still an open post that the public can visit?

Fort Riley strives to be as open as possible to the public even in this time of increased security awareness. The museums and historic attractions on post such as the Custer House, Cavalry Museum, Regimental Museum and First Territorial Capitol are still operating.  Information on obtaining a visitor pass can be found on the Fort Riley Installation Access page.


How do I submit a hometown news release?

The Joint Hometown News Service supports military service members world-wide by sharing their personal stories and achievements with friends and family back home. This service is free to all Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve military members from all branches of service, including Federal employees.

Get started here to fill out your Joint Hometown News Release.


What should I do if the media contacts me at home or at work?

We owe it to the American people, our Soldiers and their Families to tell the Army's story. If we do not speak for the Army, others will. However, all media interviews should be coordinated by the Public Affairs Office. The media relations staff will assist you with current guidelines and will ensure the media is interviewing the proper source while meeting their deadlines. If you are contacted by outside media, please call PAO at 785-239-2022.


How do I place an article/announcement in the Post newspaper or on Riley TV?

Call the editor of the Post at 239-8854, or a Riley TV producer at 239-8850 at least two weeks prior to the event.


What other command information outlets are there for my material?

The Fort Riley Command Information program also includes producing the Fort Riley Guide and Directory and Map. Copies are available through the Public Affairs Office, 500 Huebner Rd. Rm 210-A, or by calling 239-2022. Additionally, short messages can be placed on the Fort Riley electronic signs by calling 239-8850. Messages are due no later than two weeks prior to event or when the message is scheduled to appear on signs.


Can Fort Riley send speakers and programs into our schools and communities?

Yes. The Community Relations Office manages the post's Speaker Bureau and submits requests for all manner of off-post support to communities. A minimum of 60 days prior notice is required per event. If an event occurs outside the post's 55-mile support radius from Main Post, communities may be required to provide funds or services to offset government expenses. 

To request a speaker, please fill out a DD fm 2536 military support request form and include a cover letter explaining the nature of the event and target audience to the Community Relations Office, 500 Huebner Rd., Rm 210-A, Fort Riley, KS 66442 or via e-mail.


How do I obtain information through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?

Fort Riley FOIA Point of Contact:
Directorate of Human Resources
Administrative Services Division
ATTN: FOIA Officer
210 Custer Ave, Basement, Room 06
Fort Riley, KS 66442

Phone (785) 239-3759

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