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Registration of pets at Fort Riley

By Unknown | Vet | May 20, 2009

These two documents are required for animals to be registered at the Fort Riley Veterinary Treatment Facility.  Fax completed forms to (785) 239-2906.

DD Form 2343 - Veterinary Health Record
Please provide the following information: (Use separate sheet for each pet) 1. Sponsor Data (complete blocks a - i) 2. Animal Data (complete blocks a - f) Date of Birth can be an estimate, if you are not sure. If you have current immunization data, you can fax that information along with these documents. If not you can have the records faxed to us from another Vet Clinic or you can bring them on your first visit.

See the Publications area on the Veterinary Services page for the VTF policy letter.  Please read this policy letter completely before signing. This VTF Policy Memorandum is a statement signed by the pet owner, verifying you have read, understand and agree to comply with the information and policies of Fort Riley Veterinary Services.

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