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By RRP Staff | acs.relocation | April 16, 2009

Welcome to Fort Riley! We hope the information we share with you...provides enough information to make your move an easy one.

Fort Riley's Relocation Readiness Program (RRP) encourages you to link to the Fort Riley website and to the information on the MilitaryHomeFront website for current contact information on the services that you are seeking.

Welcome Packets are sent out upon request or can be picked up from your Fort Riley Relocation Readiness staff. Information in the packets are PAO Booklets and maps, the local Chambers of Commerce current information and any additional information materials that are available for distribution at that time.

Please note that our installation is extremely spread out and most individuals find it hard not having a vehicle while living on this installation or in the surrounding communities. We strongly encourage you to email us at the contact information below to request a Welcome Packet.

If you have a Family member enrolled/process of enrollment/needs evaluated in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), please refer to the EFMP information on the Fort Riley website or see the Irwin Army Community Hospital website and send an email message stating your questions.

Eligibility For Use Of Army Lodging is a frequent question when Soldiers and Families are inviting their own Family or guests to help with the move. The link provided will help provide you with the Priority status for this service. With the Permanent Change of Station seasons make sure you call at least 30-days prior or when you get your orders to arrange lodging to avoid finding out there is a "Non-Availability" status, and having to get lodging off post. If you do have to go off post and you are in the Permanent Change of Station status-"Make sure you get the letter of Non-Availability" to help cover your 10-days to take for "Reimbursement costs."

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Relocation Readiness Program
Custer Hill, 7264 Normandy Drive
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