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Fort Riley Stray Facility

By Unknown | Vet | May 20, 2009

The Fort Riley Stray Facility, located at Bldg. 226, is responsible for the care taking of stray animals. We also adopt unclaimed animals to military and civilian families. Civilians who adopt animals receive the required shots and a microchip, but must use a civilian vet for further care. Military ID card holders may use the Fort Riley Veterinary Treatment Facility for care after adoption.

Adoption cost varies depending on vaccination and microchip status of the animal.

Stray animals brought to the stray facility have 3 days for the owner to come claim their pet. The cost for a stray animal is $10.00 per day. If the animal is not claimed after 3 days, it becomes available for adoption, and becomes property of the government. Depending on adoptability, available animals may stay at the stray facility as long as 60 days.

If you have any questions, please call (785)239-6183.

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