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New initiative: Post pilots Soldier for Life program

By Jessica Healey | DHR.ACAP | October 23, 2013

Fort Riley's Army Career and Alumni Program piloted a new initiative Sept. 30 called Soldier for Life. Soldier for Life is designed to partner local communities and employers with Soldiers separating from the Army.

The purpose of the program is for companies to provide job opportunities to transitioning Soldiers who already possess the necessary skill sets for those positions.

"It's really about getting the community involved with helping the Soldiers (who are) leaving the military and helping them have a smooth transition back into the community into civilian life," said Lt. Col. Kevin Comfort, commander, 97th Military Police Battalion. "The seminar right now is being structured around municipal government, city, county, local and regional partners who can come in and present job opportunities or job prospects or career fields that maybe the Soldier didn't' realize were available out in the civilian world because their skills are easily transferable from the military to civilian life."

Retired Capt. Kyle Burns, emergency management coordinator, City Manager's Office, Overland Park, Kan., presented his job and career field overview to Soldiers with the 97th MP Bn.

"The Army prepares you for the outside," Burns said.

Burns used a wheel chart as a visual aid, while describing some of the skills used in his position.

"Is there anything listed here that you don't do every day?" Burns asked the Soldiers.

The group of Soldiers shook their heads "No."

In addition to Burns explaining how his experience as a Soldier transferred easily into his job, he also said part of the Soldier for Life program was about making connections in the civilian career market.

"It's about knowing others and being able to call on them if you need help," he said.

Jamie May, technical criminal analyst, Overland Park Police Department, also presented an overview of her career and other related careers in criminal analysis.

"The skills you have as Soldiers are skills we are interested in here at civilian police departments," May said. "Don't sell yourselves short."

Soldier for life is still in the pilot stage. The program will expand to include more hiring partners and progress with time, Comfort said.

For more information about Soldier for Life seminars and schedules, call the Fort Riley ACAP office at 785-239-2278.

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