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ACAP can help Soldiers hone entrepreneurial skill sets

By Jessica Healey | DHR.ACAP | October 22, 2013

Editor's note: This is the fourth story of a four-part series about ACAP and what the program has to offer Fort Riley Soldiers and Families.

The Army Career Alumni Program offers Soldiers the opportunity to learn how to start their own business.

ACAP experts can help break down entrepreneurship into a manageable process for Soldiers who dream of operating their own business.

The entrepreneur path teaches transitioning Soldiers the basics of operating a business, like how to write a business plan and how to get money to start up a business.

Hopeful entrepreneurs also can get the opportunity to network with other Soldiers wanting to open a business and even some who already have experience in operating a business.

"Just recently, there were several Soldiers in class (who) already have a business started and wanted to get more experience. They were happy to share their experience with other Soldiers just getting started," said Glennwood McLaurin, transition service manager, ACAP, Directorate of Human Resources.

As a part of the entrepreneur path, ACAP hosts a two-day workshop called, Boots to Business. It is taught by the Wichita Small Business Association and is offered regularly, McLaurin said.

The Boots to Business workshop tackles subjects for aspiring entrepreneurs to help get them ready for the world of business ownership.

It covers the basics of opportunity, which teaches about the "business case" for turning an idea into a sustainable business concept.

Other topics covered include the economics of small business, markets and competition, and legal issues impacting jobs.

Each session that introduces a new concept is followed by another session that gives time for real-life application of the concept to each individual's feasibility plan.

The workshop also educates Soldiers on the many resources that will be available to them as small business owners and veterans, McLaurin said.

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