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CGMCG showcases new demonstration

By Jessica Healey | CGMCG | October 23, 2013

The Commanding General's Mounted Colored Guard performed a new demonstration three times Oct. 5 during Fall Apple Day Festival at Artillery Parade Field.

The demonstration consisted of formation movements and drills, saber exercises and pistol exercises.

The saber and pistol portions involved the riders taking aim at balloons while the horses jumped obstacles. Another saber exercise involved the riders catching a ring hanging from a wooden post on their blades.

The group was led by Spc. Katie Strayer, CGMCG. It was her first time leading a demonstration.

"A lot of people were doing things for the first time," Strayer said. "I think we had four people who had never even performed a demonstration before."

The CGMCG demonstration seemed to go off without a hitch, though.

"It's always kind of scary when you're getting out there, and it's your first time doing it. You're nervous and it throws you off balance to have to swing something and try to hit what you're swinging at, so they did really good," Strayer said.

The CGMCG takes their moves directly from a guide that was used back when horses were common place on the battlefield.

The particular demonstration performed for the festival was a mix of classic tactics and new ideas, Strayer said.

Historically, a mounted color guard trained for accuracy and could spend an entire day training on one discipline, like sabers alone. The CGMCG tries to incorporate portions of various exercises throughout its demonstrations.