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Moving During Deployment

By RRP Staff | acs.relocation | March 30, 2012

What to do during deployment? Stay at the installation where your Soldier is assigned and tough it out with the help of other spouses left behind…then again, those spouses could go home too or shut everyone out as they struggle through their own deployment, leaving you without a support system. You could go home where your family is waiting with open arms, but readjusting to life at home again, can also be very frustrating.

When Soldiers leave for deployment, many spouses are left with an enormous decision: stay or go? There’s no right or wrong answer. No two families have the same experience and both situations place stressors on our freedom and responsibilities. Spouses who have made that decision say finances, family dynamics, and the need to feel safe and comfortable have all played into their decisions. It’s usually very much based on what works best for the family. Before making the decision, families should consider finances, schooling, medical care and services available on the installation that would cost them elsewhere. For families that do move, you are encouraged to maintain a sense of community and a sense of communication, even if that is just over e-mail or over the phone, so you know the benefits and services that are available to you.

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