Fort Riley, Kansas



Access control program will provide CYSS facilities with increased security

By Jessica Healey | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | March 03, 2014

All Child Youth and School Services’ buildings will begin using an Access Control program beginning Jan. 6.

The program is an added security measure for the facilities.

Patrons will need to use their CYSS swipe card to scan themselves into buildings before they can enter. If a patron or visitor does not have a swipe card, they can gain access via a buzzer system in place to request access to the building from the front desk.

“It’s a really simple system. The cards are already in place. Patrons aren’t going to have to do anything extra. All they will have to do starting Jan 6 is scan into the building, walk in, and it’s business as usual,” said Bill Jefferies, functional technical specialist, CYSS, Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

Jefferies also pointed out that scanning into a building is not the same as swiping a child into the facility. That will still have to be done upon entrance to the facility, so the child is accounted for.

Each swipe card is facility-specific, he said. Swipe cards cannot be used on multiple CYSS buildings – only at the one where the child is enrolled at and in the system, he added.

Recent national emergency events, like active shooters, have helped inspire new measures to ensure the safety of the children, Jefferies said.

Fort Riley will be the second military installation to implement the Access Control program at CYSS’ buildings. The first installation was very small, Jefferies said, so Fort Riley will be the first installation with a large population to test the system out.

For more information about the Access Control program, call CYSS’ Parent Central at 785-239-9885.