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Army captures 6 of 8 shooting gold medals at 2014 Army Warrior Trials

By Caitlin E. Morrison and Mike O’Toole | ARMY MEDICINE | July 11, 2014

2 Fort Riley Soldiers compete, claim gold, silver, bronze medals.

WEST POINT, N.Y. – Twenty air pistol shooters from Army, Air Force and Marines lined up at Tronsrue Marksmanship Center at the U.S. Military Academy at the site of the 2014 U.S. Army Warrior Trials.

“You will have 15 minutes for preparation and sighting,” said Marksmanship Coach James Hall, as the athletes prepared their equipment. “Then you will have 50 minutes to record fire.”

There was palpable tension in the pistol room during the 50 minutes of the competition, the only sounds being the rhythmic ping of the air pistols and hushed whispers of advice from the coaches. Onlookers followed the shots on a large screen with each athlete’s target visualized and score updating in real time.

Immediately after the first round of pistol, a number of the athletes moved next door to participate in the rifle competition. Retired Sgt. 1st Class Ben Trescott, Clarksville, Tennessee, switched gears easily, secure in the knowledge that he already would be taking home at least one gold medal.

Twelve athletes competed in the pistol open category. The results were: Gold – Trescott (Army); Silver – Sgt. Erin Stewart, Warrior Transition Unit, Fort Riley (Army); Bronze – Staff Sgt. Billy Meeks, Weatherford, Texas (Army).

Six athletes competed in the pistol.

The results were: Gold – Retired Capt. Frank Barroquiero, Brick, New Jersey (Army); Silver – Retired Staff Sgt. Keith Sekora (Air Force); Bronze – Sgt. Scotty Hasting, WTU, Fort Riley (Army).

In the rifle competitions, Trescott won his second gold in the prone open rifle category, followed by Master Sgt. Rhoden Galloway, WTU, Fort Sam Houston, Texas (Army), silver; and Sgt. 1st Class, Kevin Holland, WTU, Fort Benning, Georgia (Army) for the bronze. Army shooters also swept the standing open category with Sgt. Erin Stewart, WTU, Fort Riley (Army), winning gold; Master Sgt. Rhoden Galloway, WTU, Fort Sam Houston, Texas (Army), silver; and Staff Sgt. Petrina Williams, WTU, Fort Benning, Georgia (Army), bronze.

In standing, retired Maj. John Arbino, Cincinnati, Ohio, (Army) won the gold; Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Holland, WTU, Fort Benning, Georgia (Army), silver; and Sgt. Janae Piper (Marines) took bronze. Stand SH2 was a one-two for the Army with Spc. Jennifer Pariona, WTU, Fort Belvoir, Virginia (Army), who took gold and Staff Sgt. Isaac Rios Jr., WTU, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington (Army), who took silver. The Marines’ Piper won gold in the Prone SH1, Master Sgt. Alex Gaud-Torres of the Air Force took silver, and retired Capt. Michael Phillips, Hamilton, Georgia, (Army) bronze.

Prone SH2 saw the Air Force’s Retired Staff Sgt. Daniel Crane win gold, while Pariona (Army) took silver, and Tech Sgt. Leonard Anderson (Air Force) earned the bronze.

More than 100 wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans from across the U.S. were at West Point to compete in the Army Warrior Trials. The event was hosted by Warrior Command, and included athletes from the Army, Marines and Air Force facing off in archery, basketball, cycling, track and field, swimming, shooting, sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball.

Participants in the trials included athletes with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, visual impairment, serious illnesses and amputations. Results of Army Warrior Trials will help determine which athletes make Team Army and compete in the 2014 Warrior Games, Sept. 28 to Oct. 4, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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