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Family housing gets modern face-lift

By Amanda Funk | CORVIAS MILITARY LIVING | July 30, 2014

A trip through Fort Riley’s Colyer Forsyth, McClellan Place and Warner Peterson communities can almost make people forget they are within the gates of a military installation. Each home displays a fresh coat of paint and a well-manicured lawn. Inside these homes, Fort Riley families experience upgrades and modernization that bring comfort, quality of life and energy conservation features to on-post housing.

The renovations to the homes were part of a larger 10-year plan to update Fort Riley family housing. The main goal of the project is to renovate, build and maintain modern and comfortable homes efficiently and effectively for military families.

Corvias has modernized and adapted the homes to today’s military family with improved safety and convenience features. The improvements include a storm shelter, master suite, new lighting fixtures, paint, plumbing and flooring.

“The improvements being made to family housing at Fort Riley are to bring on-post housing to equal or higher quality than homes outside of the gate,” said Gary Rust, program manager for Corvias Military Living at Fort Riley. “Military families should not have to sacrifice quality or comfort when they choose to live on-post.”


For Sgt. Brett Stovall, living in on-post housing is more than just a roof over his head. When the Stovalls learned Corvias offers affordable housing options for families of all sizes, they knew they would be able to move their family of six together for the first time in four years.

“My wife and I have a huge family; providing housing for different size families is a great thing for Fort Riley,” Stovall said. “The quality of living is great here. Living at Fort Riley gives us freedom but also provides my kids with a safe environment.”

For the Stovall family, the most important feature is the new, dedicated master suite. The master suite includes a large walk-in closet, plus a master bathroom separate from the sleeping area.

“My wife and I both work early in the morning; now we have the ability to not interrupt each other,” said Stovall.

“The intent behind each detail of the renovations is to maximize convenience, comfort and quality of living for the service member and their family,” said Rust.

According to Rust, conveniences such as a storm shelter provide military families from all over the country with peace of mind during Kansas’ severe weather season.


While the cosmetic improvements to these homes are notable, additional significant upgrades cannot be seen by residents because they are behind the walls of the home.

“There have been changes in home construction practices since these homes were built in the 1970s,” said Kelly Karl, lead project manager for Corvias Military Living at Fort Riley. “Advancements in thermal insulation processes, development of tighter building enclosures and innovations of heating and cooling systems all contribute to the level of comfort in modern homes.”


The renovation process enabled Corvias to capitalize on these best practices. Corvias added insulation to the homes and the size of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning distribution vents were increased. With better insulation and improved airflow throughout the home, families are better able to maintain a comfortable interior air temperature regardless of the season.

While these improvements contribute greatly to creating a comfortable place Fort Riley families call home, they can also save families money. In addition to the structural improvements, the renovation scope included new appliances and fixtures, such as low-flow toilets and faucets. All of the energy-efficient measures and products reduce the cost and consumption of energy in the homes.

Corvias completed the town house renovations in April 2014. Corvias will continue new home construction, demolition and renovations at Fort Riley through June 2016. 

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