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Conservation Branch restocks catfish

By Jessica Healey | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | August 04, 2014

Channel catfish flipped and splashed as they were poured out of buckets, and into lakes and ponds July 8 at Fort Riley.

About 1,600 pounds of catfish were poured into Fort Riley’s 29 lakes and ponds.

Tom Duckworth, fisheries and wildlife biologist, Conservation Branch, Environmental Division, Directorate of Public Works, oversaw and assisted with the restocking of catfish, which were brought in by a local fish farm.

“We do this so that Soldiers and their families can get out and have something to do while they are here,” Duckworth said. “It’s for recreational purposes. We put the fish in, and then they come and fish for them.”

The catfish are not only for recreational fishing, they also help balance out the ecosystems of the bodies of water they inhabit.

Restocking fish, along with many other conservation efforts at Fort Riley, began about 30 years ago.

“The restocking helps to keep waters healthy,” Duckworth said. “The catfish are an important component of what’s going on in there. They keep the prey fish in check, and that’s the kind of balance we aim to achieve.”

Channel catfish are restocked annually during the warmer temperatures of summer.

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