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Resources abound for Relocation Readiness

By Abriana DelTufo | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | August 04, 2014

In the middle of permanent change of station season, “relocation” seems to be a word all too familiar. Whether one is new to Fort Riley or getting ready to leave the familiar “Big Red One,” Fort Riley’s Army Community Service provides a variety of programs for relocation readiness.

“I don’t care if you’ve moved a million times. There is always something unexpected that comes up from a move. That is why we conduct these one-on-ones and counseling sessions — to help you accomplish your mission,” said James Wade, relocation manager, ACS.


There are plenty of websites offered as resources for a PCS. One website, provides a list of resources which can help Soldiers and families plan their move.

The “Plan My Move” feature allows for individuals to insert their current location, future installation and PCS dates; then it creates a calendar that provides a checklist of things to do before a move. For those curious about their future installation, the Military Installations website also provides an overview with fast facts for various installations and includes contacts, phone numbers and photos of these locations.


The ACS Lending Closet is a popular service offered to newcomers and outgoing Soldiers and families, to include retirees and DOD civilians. Tailored with kitchen utensils, microwaves, cots, and air mattresses, everyday housing items are available for borrowing until household goods are delivered. Fort Riley allows for a 45-day loaning period. More than 40 clients used this service in June.


Newcomers receive Welcome packets upon in-processing. Packets include a variety of guides and resource pamphlets about Fort Riley and its surrounding communities. They can be tailored to fit one’s need upon request through the ACS or sponsor and can also be mailed ahead of time.


While the ACS is not in charge of assigning sponsors, it readily trains them to complete their duty to the best of their abilities. Sponsorship training is computer-based and self-paced. The ACS is also equipped to complete unit training upon request. Youth Sponsorship is partnered through the Child, Youth and School Services to provide incoming teens with information about schools and activities.


Soldiers new to Fort Riley are required to attend Victory Welcome at Riley’s Conference Center. The meeting is scheduled for the last Thursday of each month and includes briefings on upcoming events and programs for Soldiers and families. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. Soldiers moving overseas, to include Alaska and Hawaii, are required to attend a hands-on PCS briefing, usually scheduled for every Tuesday. If unable to make the scheduled brief, Soldiers can walk in for a one-on-one session.


Once a military member retires or separates, spouses can find it difficult to transition to the civilian world. To help spouses get a head start on completing resumes and finding jobs in the near future, ACS plans to begin a program that assists spouses with separation from the Army life.

For more information about the listed programs, relocation or becoming a sponsor, visit the Fort Riley ACS, 7264 Normandy Drive, or call 785-239-9435.
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