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COMMUNITY CORNER - Stay involved with kids as new school year nears

By Col. Andrew Cole | GARRISON COMMANDER | August 08, 2014

It’s back to school for our Fort Riley students, and Aug. 12 is the big day. As summer winds down and our children gear up for classes next week, let’s build a foundation that will help them enjoy a successful new school year.

Remember that going back to school can be quite exciting, as well as stressful for our military children. The absence of family members due to deployments, frequent changes in locations, moving to a new school, adjusting to new routines or even making new friends are just a few challenges our children face. Although they may be more resilient than the average student, there is still concern, or sometimes overwhelming anxiety, regarding the unknown. I encourage our parents to remain patient, as well as maintain open communication with our children. Listen to their concerns and provide the reassurance they need.

Remaining involved in our children’s education shows we care about them and value their education. It’s undeniable that at times we can become so busy that spending time with our children becomes a challenge. However, it’s said that the more time we spend with our children now, the less time we’ll spend on less-than-desirable behavior later. Therefore, I encourage every parent to make an effort to spend as much time as possible in supporting our military children.

There are a wide range of activities families can do together this school year – assisting with homework, engaging in sporting activities or even cooking healthy dinners are just a few. These things not only help bond us together but also allows time to focus on what really matters.

Keep in mind that healthy foods and physical activity are essential to our children’s success, and we want our children to reach their full potential. Nutritious foods not only help our children perform well in school but also help them grow into healthy adults; and active lifestyles enhance important skills, such as concentration and problem solving, which improve academic performance.

I encourage you to find the activities that help minimize your child’s back-to-school anxiety and help them strive for the success we want to see them achieve this school year.

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