Fort Riley, Kansas



Fort Riley customers can expect better TV, web, phone services

By Abriana DelTufo | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | August 14, 2014

Vyve Broadband upgraded, investing in infrastructure and products in the hopes of providing more state-of-the-art and reliable services to Fort Riley.

Vyve employees are offering these services to often underserved and rural areas, such as Fort Riley.

“In a few months, our offered services will be at or exceeding those in Los Angeles or New York,” said Vin Zachariah, senior vice president, Vyve’s Residential Services.

Internet speeds are now offered at 25, 50, and 105 Mbps, rather than the original 10 to 12 Mbps speed. All existing customers get the speed upgrade free and can either pick up a new modem or have it shipped to their home.

In the next few weeks, the new Vyve landline phone service will be more reliable. The previous company didn’t have the resources to invest in upgrades to their network, Vyve has invested more than $100 million dollars in all their facilities, including those on Fort Riley to create a network and services that rival anywhere in the country.

Vyve is currently improving their television services, too. There are 140 HD channels of TV offered, but in the next few months, all previous analog – non digital – TV services will be upgraded to digital high-definition channels.

The improvements are exclusive to the post, reaching almost everyone.

“We have invested in the infrastructure that reaches from the main technological center’s office to the outlet in one’s home living room,” he said.

Ultimately, these upgrades will provide a better communication experience for all effected.

“Being connected is important to the Soldiers. This improvement will better the communication between service members and their families whether it’s Skype or email,” Zachariah said.