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FROM THE INSPECTOR GENERAL - Flagging can affect your status, change of station award


Dear Inspector General: I will PCS in the next two months. My Squad Leader said that I would not be receiving a PCS award because I am flagged for being in the Army Body Composition Program (ABCP). My Squad Leader also stated that the flag would transfer with me to my new duty station.

Is my Squad Leader correct in telling me that I cannot receive a PCS award for being flagged and in the ABCP, and that my flag will follow me to my new duty station?

Respectfully, No PCS Award

Dear No PCS Award,

Your Squad Leader is correct on both questions.

There are two types of Flags: Transferable and Nontransferable. Nontransferable Flags are circumstances such as commander’s investigations, law enforcement investigations, involuntary separation or discharge and adverse actions. A Soldier may be reassigned with the initiation of a Transferable Flag. Some examples of a Transferable Flag are punishment phase of non-judicial action, punishment from a civil court, record Army Physical Fitness Test failure, and noncompliance with the Army Body Composition Program.

Since you are flagged for being in the ABCP, you are still allowed to PCS; however, the commander has a requirement to transfer the flag to the gaining unit.

In accordance with AR 600-8-2, chapter 2-8, “The losing command is responsible for providing the gaining command with Flag supporting documents for Soldiers with transferable Flags [DA Form 268 initiating Flag, weight control packet, DA Form 705 (Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard), DA Form 4856 (Developmental Counseling Form), and so forth.]” This allows your gaining command the ability to prepare for your arrival. Remember, it is your responsibility to report to your unit ready to take an APFT and in accordance with the standards of the Army Body Composition Program.

As for a PCS award, chapter 2-1a(1) of AR 600-8-2 states that “The purpose of a Flag is to prevent and/or preclude execution of favorable actions to a Soldier who may be in an unfavorable status (not in good standing)”. Since you are flagged for being in the ABCP, you would be in an unfavorable status.

The only exception to receiving a personal decoration when in an unfavorable status, would be in the event that the award was based on valor and heroism, chapter 1-17b of AR 600-8-22.

If you have any additional questions, please call the Office of the Inspector General at 785-239-IGIG (4444).

Sincerely, Fort Riley Inspector General. 

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