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COMMUNITY CORNER – Resiliency — build it in ourselves, our families

By Col. Andrew Cole | GARRISON COMMANDER | August 21, 2015

The things we can count on in life are difficulties and challenges. Do you know how to cope when life gets difficult? The resiliency program provides training and self-development tools, so that Soldiers, family members and Army civilians are better able to cope with adversity, perform better in stressful situations, and thrive in life. It teaches skills that support social, emotional, family, spiritual and physical resilience.

The Army leadership view is that Soldiers, Army civilians and family members are all important parts of the team. I looked to the Army Ready and Resilient Website for some resources to help us.


A healthy mind and body are essential to individual and unit readiness.

Resilience combines mental, emotional, and physical skills to generate optimal performance (i.e. readiness) - in combat, healing after injury, and in managing work and home life.

Resilient individuals are better able to bounce back and overcome adversity by leveraging mental and emotional skills and behavior by seeking out training.

Individual resilience can be built, maintained, and strengthened when viewed as an enduring concept and acquired through regular training.


Provides comprehensive resilience training to develop coping skills and behaviors and increase capabilities.

Educates and promotes preventative measures that encourage self-awareness, deter high-risk behaviors, and support healthy alternatives to produce positive outcomes.

Develops improved methods for leaders and commanders so they can better identifying “at risk” and “high-risk” Soldiers and provide early intervention.

Emphasizes leadership involvement, empowerment and accountability to promote help-seeking behavior.

Produces an enduring cultural change that yields an Army environment to support and develop its members to perform their best both personally and professionally.

Enables them to overcome setbacks, recover and grow from adversities and thrive on a sustained basis.

Challenges its members and leaders to embrace and live by the Army profession, values and ethics.

Produces a supportive Army climate that ensures its members are treated with dignity and respect while sustaining a resilient force.

Institutes a scientific process for measuring success and implementing lessons learned so Army systems and processes can be restructured as needed

Promotes resilience throughout the Total Army. 

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