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Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program improves performance in workplace, at home

By Hannah Kleopfer | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | January 26, 2016

     The staff of the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program work diligently in the Victory Center to help Soldiers, family members and civilian staff of Fort Riley better themselves and their teams with skills for resilience through workshops, curriculum and one-on-one sessions.

     While many Soldiers use their services regularly, they also work to keep other members of the community informed about what the Soldiers are learning.

     “We offer a skill of the month for family members, Department of the Army civilians and military dependents that coordinates with what their Soldier is being taught,” said Joseph Galus, master resilience trainer — performance expert of CSF2.

     Along with those types of skills, trainers work with people using their sport psychology background for goal-setting, building confidence, attention control and energy management.

     “A lot of these things that we teach are what people do already, but a lot of people don’t know that they can build on these skills,” said Ashley Rencher, MRT — PE of CSF2. “A lot of what we do is putting a name to a practice that you’re already doing and enhancing that.”

     Rencher said that often times what they do makes people more self-aware of their actions and how they are using the skills. What they do is not a reactive approach, but instead they are there to help refine skills and help people perform even better at work or in their personal life.

     “These are skills that I live and believe in and I like sharing and having those conversations with other people and seeing how it fits into their lives and work,” Rencher said.

     The program is designed to build resilience and enhance performance of Soldiers, their families and Army civilians. The sessions are free of charge and accomplished by providing hands-on training and self-development tools so that members are better able to cope with adversity, perform better in stressful situations and thrive in life.

     “If you have the time we’ll, teach it,” Galus said. “All it costs is your time.”

     Go to or the local Fort Riley CSF2 Facebook page at to find out more about the organization.


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