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Fort Riley police begin campaign

By Maria Childs | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | April 22, 2016

     Red and blue flashing lights could be seen in all directions at the corner of Mosby Place and Jackson Avenue in the Warner Peterson neighborhood of Fort Riley April 13 as the Fort Riley Police Department began the enforcement part of their traffic safety campaign. This was the first neighborhood on post the officers have patrolled as part of the campaign.

     The campaign partners the Fort Riley community with the Directorate of Emergency Services in an effort to identify and correct illegal behavior.

     Fort Riley Chief of Police Will Paskow said this is not an event where the officers are purposefully getting members of the community in trouble, but an event to make the public aware of the speed limits and importance of following the rules of the road in a residential area.

     “If you don’t stop completely at the stop sign, you may not notice the kids who is coming up from the backyard of the house or coming down the driveway on their bicycle,” Paskow said.

     The first two weeks of every month, officers will be handing out courtesy cards during the public information campaign. The courtesy cards are to let violators know how to correct the behavior before enforcement. Following the public information campaign, officers will begin enforcement.

     “Before we get into the peak months of the summer, we’re just out here trying to educate the public,” Paskow said. “We put sign boards out; we put radar trailers out to allow the public some time to modify their habits. This is an educational and behavior adjustment versus being out here to make your life difficult. We want to be part of the solution to help the public.”

     While running the campaign, the dispatch officers were also working out of their mobile command post to run driver’s license numbers and National Crime Information Center checks.

     “We’re running the same systems that we run from building 221,” Paskow said. “It makes us more prepared if we have a real-world incident. If there is a tornado that makes us stand up full scale operations in the field, this is an opportunity for us to do that and work the kinks out of the system before something happens.”

     For more information or questions about the traffic safety campaign, call the Fort Riley Police Operations at 785-239-1809.



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