Fort Riley, Kansas



Drivers should yield to emergency vehicles

By Maria Childs | 1ST INF. DIV. POST | August 12, 2016

     According to Kansas law, it is the responsibility of all drivers when approaching an authorized emergency vehicle to yield the right-of-way to the emergency vehicle.

     Lt. Paul Davis, traffic supervisor for the Fort Riley Police Department, said there has been an increase in drivers who are not been yielding the right-of-way to emergency vehicles on post.

     “We have our lights and sirens on for a reason,” Davis said.

     Davis said if a police officer is conducting a traffic stop on the side of the road, drivers must reduce the speed of their vehicle and pass with caution while moving away from the officer’s car. If it is not possible to safely pass the traffic stop, drivers should stop and wait for traffic to clear before passing.

     “If you cannot safely go by me, stop, wait for it to be clear and then go around me,” Davis said.

     Kansas Statute 8-1530 states the driver of every vehicle other than an emergency vehicle using visual and audible signals should immediately drive to a position parallel to and as close as possible to the right-hand edge of the roadway and remain there until the emergency vehicle passes.

     Violating this statute can result in a $195 ticket and a $30 processing fee.

     Davis said drivers cooperat­ing with the statute would make getting to a crime scene or acci­dent easier for law enforcement officers, and that could mean the different between life and death.

     “It’s making it difficult to get where we have to go,” Davis said. “If I have people in front of me that won’t move, those 10 or 15 seconds that I lose could mean somebody’s life.”

     For more information or question about state statutes, call the Military Police desk at 785-239-6767.