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Family Support Group Fundraising

By Unknown | Administrative and Civil Law, SJA | April 24, 2009

Significant guidance on FSG management is in DA Pamphlet 608-47, A Guide to Establishing Family Support Groups. However, this pamphlet was published prior to the Joint Ethics Regulation, DOD 5500.7-R, and is subject to that regulation.

When FSGs engage in fundraising, they are private organizations.

The Army cannot officially support or endorse FSG fundraising outside of the Army community. Soldiers and their families must be careful to avoid implying that the Army officially supports or endorses external fundraising. JER, para. 3-209.

When FSGs have on-post events, such as bake sales, which are designed to raise funds among members of the Army community, the post commander may authorize official support, and encourage soldiers and their families to support the event. JER, para. 3-210a.(6). If authorized by the post commander, soldiers may be released to support the event, and Army equipment may be used so long as it does not interfere with mission requirements. DA Pam 608-47, para. 3-6; JER, para. 3-211.

Commanders may only authorize fundraising activities that occur outside the Federal workplace, such as in public entrances, in community support facilities, and in personal quarters. JER, para. 3-300a.

Commanders, acting in their official capacity, may use official communication channels and briefings to encourage soldiers and their families to volunteer for FSG activities. DA Pam 608-47, para. 4-2; JER, para. 3-208.

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