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Hometown News Release

By | Media Relations Office, Public Affairs | November 30, 2011

The Hometown News Program is designed to help Soldiers showcase their accomplishments in their hometown newspapers for friends and family.

How to submit a Hometown News Release
Step 1: Click on ''Submit a DD Form 2266 On-line'.

Step 2: Place the code (737) in the 'PAO CODE' box, upper left.

Step 3: Place "" and "785-239-3358" in the 'PAO E-mail Address' and 'PAO Phone#' fields, lower right in the "Step 4: Release Information" section.

Step 4: fill out everything as accurately as possible within this on-line version.

NOTE: Clicking "Submit and Go" verifies that the service member agrees to release the information on the form to commercial media.

For clarification of the instructions of 'how to complete the electronic form on-line,' please go to 'Completing HometownLink's On-Line DD Form 2266.'

Hometown News Categories

The Hometown News Center will create a stock story for your particular event. Below are some of the Army categories currently in the Hometown News Center's system:


Awards and Decorations

Arrivals and Appointments

Changes of Command


Military School graduations

Primary Leadership Development or any NCO Academy graduation

Any advanced training school



Sports Competitions (interservice or international)

Training Exercises

The Final Product
Hometown News releases have become a regular mainstay for more than 10,000 commercial daily and weekly newspapers across the country. More than 500,000 releases are mailed each year promoting the accomplishments of more than 150,000 Soldiers and Airmen. In-the-Service columns are a popular feature of most papers, providing news tidbits about local men and women in the military.

For additional questions, call Media Relations at (785)239-3358.

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