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Facility houses resiliency programs

By Julie Fiedler | Resiliency | July 02, 2013

With a sign reading "Victory Center" hanging out front, Building 7285 has taken on more than just a new name. It has taken on a holistic approach to wellness, fitness and resiliency by housing three complementary programs under the same roof: The Army Wellness Center, or AWC, Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Training Center, or CSF2, and Resiliency Learning Center of Army Community Service.

"The whole idea behind Victory Center is that we all have things that we want to help people achieve ... They come in with goals, and they leave with some sort of accomplishment. That's the idea behind the name," said Kendra Seat, director, AWC, who came up with the name "Victory Center."

By combining three distinct, yet complementary services under the same roof, it enables AWC, CSF2 and ACS to provide services and training in a more holistic fashion, as well as raise awareness of one another's programs.

"You look at the holistic wellness thought and that whole comprehensive side of it – that mind, body, spirit, social and Family ... We complement each other," said Shawn Perry, site manager, CSF2.

The programs are available for Soldiers and their Families, as well as Department of Defense employees.

"We're helping improve the quality of life, basically of the whole Army Family," Seat said.

"This is the Army strong stuff … We're going to teach them to be more competent, more confident Soldiers," Perry added. "Families are critical to Soldier performance, and (we want) to keep the Family as a viable unit. So we reach out to any and all."


AWC offers health and fitness testing, including a Bod-Pod, which offers one of the most accurate body composition measurements available, Seat said.

AWC also can test resting metabolic rate and fitness levels, including cardio, strength and flexibility. Biofeedback services help patrons learn to monitor and manage stress levels. Individual consultations are available, as well as group classes on topics like stress reduction.

"(The facility) is wonderful," Seat said. "I like being in the middle of all the troops. I think it's a great location for us."

For more information about AWC, call 785-239-WELL (9355).


CSF2 focuses on two of its main components: Master resilience trainers and enhanced performance training.

"We build and train (noncommissioned officers) to become master resilience trainers, that they then go out and teach those resilience training skills to Soldiers," Perry explained. "We do enhanced performance training with Soldiers and NCOs and officers to improve their functioning and scores and attitudes. It's mental skills training."

By focusing on skills like confidence building, attention control, energy management, goal setting and imagery, CSF2 has seen marked improvement in Soldiers' Army Physical Fitness Test scores, fine motor skills, marksmanship performance and more.

For more information on CSF2, call 785-240-6259 or visit


ACS continues to oversee its Resiliency Learning Center component in the facility, which includes a classroom and a computer lab. Certain ACS classes, like Army Family Team Building and Resilient Spouses Academy are offered at the facility, as well as workshops requiring computer access, like Employment Readiness Program briefings on

ACS offices are conveniently located across the parking lot from the Victory Center.

For more information on ACS, call 785-239-9435.

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