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VA Benefits and VA Briefings

By ACAP Transition Service Manager Glennwood Mclaurin | DHR.ACAP | March 07, 2009

As a veteran, you may be eligible for a wide range of VA benefits. Some of the benefits for which you may be eligible are listed below:

-Educational benefits

-Health benefits and services

-Vocational rehabilitation and employment services

-Home loans

-Veteran's life insurance

-Burial and memorial benefits

-Compensation and pension benefits

The type of discharge and character of service determine which services you may be eligible to receive. Army Education Counselors can provide information on VA educational benefits. Visit the VA website to learn more about the other benefits or call the telephone numbers listed below:

Veteran's Affairs Website Nationwide: 1-800-827-1000 Local: (785) 240-7312

VA Benefits Briefing

In accordance with Fragmentary Order 185 to OPORD 08-01, All separating Soldiers are now required to attend a VA Benefit Briefing in addition to the 2 hour Pre-separation Briefing. The VA Benefit Briefing is designed to inform Retiring and separating Soldiers of benefits available to them and their Family members. Currently this briefing is held every Thursday from 1300 – 1700 hours at the Fort Riley ACAP Center, Building 210, Custer Avenue, room 006. Spouses are welcome to attend. You can schedule an appointment to attend the VA Benefit Briefing by calling 239-2278/2248 or by logging on


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