Fort Riley, Kansas



Employment Assistance

By ACAP Transition Service Manager Glennwood Mclaurin | DHR.ACAP | March 07, 2009

The Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) Center, and the Department of Labor Transition Assistance Program conduct a weekly 2 1/2-Day Job Search Workshop on employment assistance.

For many Soldiers and civilians leaving government service finding a new job is their first priority. Congress recognized the importance of employment assistance and required the military departments to create permanent employment assistance centers at major military installations. Your ACAP Center is the best place to start your career search.

Employment assistance services begin with attendance at a workshop or use of ACAP XXI's automated Job Assistance Training Application (JATA). These workshops are designed to give you the basic knowledge and skills necessary to plan and execute a successful job search. Whether you attend the 2 1/2-Day Job Search Workshop or use ACAP XXI's JATA, you'll learn the following skills:

-How to assess your preferences, skills, experience and education/training.

-How to make career decisions regarding your career objectives and financial needs.

-How to win an interview by identifying job opportunities, writing effective resumes and applications, and researching potential employers.

-How to win the job by preparing for and participating in successful interviews.

The Fort Riley ACAP Center can also provide additional employment assistance and resources that include the following:

-Counseling and assistance

-Job Fairs

-Job search libraries

-Access to job listings

-Automated tools for preparing resumes, cover letters, and federal job applications

The ACAP Center staff will assist you in using all of the ACAP services, including searching additional websites available for job opportunities.

Stop by the ACAP Center, building 210 Custer Avenue, room 006 or call 785-239-2278/2248 to begin your job search.