Fort Riley, Kansas



Curation of Historical Artifacts

By Unknown | DPW.ENV | May 06, 2009

To preserve Fort Riley's artifacts and to comply with 36 CFR 79 (the federal regulation regarding Curation of Federally Associated Archeological Collections), Fort Riley built a curation facility that has been functional since January 1, 1999. The facility currently houses 144,000 artifacts that have been catalogued and accessioned. Fort Riley has retrieved approximately 25,000 artifacts from a privy excavation performed by Kansas State University in 1984, and is in the process of evaluating their condition.

Fort Riley's collections management has resulted in the following in 1999:

•Completed a curation needs assessment study

•Completed a Collections Care Management Plan and SOPs

•Developed an in-house artifact inventory linked to GIS that provides spatial links to discovery sites