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Users can find prescription info online

By Unknown | health | October 30, 2012

Users can now view prescription numbers in the Tricare Online Blue Button's Medications profile. The ability to view the prescription number was temporarily disabled last year because of technical issues, but is back by popular demand. This capability is helpful to users because they no longer have to search for their prescription bottles or call their pharmacy to request the information.

To view your prescription number and/or other medication data, follow the steps below:

• Log in to TOL at

• Click on the "Blue Button" icon or hyperlink.

* Review data located in the "Medications" profile; the prescription number will appear in "Rx number" column.

In addition to the ability to view prescription numbers, TOL also has implemented a quick link from the Medications profile to the Prescription (Rx) Refill page, which allows users to quickly and easily request prescription refills. To request prescription refills via the Blue Button's Medications profile, continue following the steps below:

• Click the "Refill" checkbox located to the left of the "Rx number" of all medications available for refill at the medical treatment facility.

• Click "Refill checked prescriptions" hyperlink located at bottom center of medication profile.

• Review auto populated Rx numbers to ensure all requested refills have auto populated correctly.

• Choose a desired pharmacy location from the "Select a Pharmacy" drop down menu.

• Click "Submit" button.

Then proceed to the pharmacy to pick up requested prescriptions. For additional information regarding or assistance with TOL, contact the MHS Service Desk at or by phone at 1-800-600-9332 (CONUS).

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