Fort Riley, Kansas



ACAP helps Soldiers pursue post-Army options

By Jessica Healey | DHR.ACAP | October 09, 2013

Editor's note: This is the third story of a four-part series about ACAP and what the program has to offer Fort Riley Soldiers and Families.

The Army Career and Alumni Program offers technical and educational paths for separating Soldiers who are interested in training or education to help accomplish their goals.

The technical path involves Soldiers looking for vocational training at a trade school or on-the-job training for what they would like to accomplish after separation from the military. It is already available.

The educational path is set to be introduced Oct. 24.

"Basically, what we do is ask Soldiers what it is they would like to do when they separate from the military. Then, we determine what they need to accomplish that goal. Sometimes it's just looking for the right job and sometimes they need to look into technical training or look into a degree plan and further their education first," said Glennwood McLaurin, transition service manager, ACAP, Directorate of Human Resources.


Soldiers who choose to follow the technical path often go on to careers, like truck drivers, mechanics and those who work for the police department, he said.

One particular truck company has been very successful hiring Fort Riley veterans, McLaurin said, and many companies offer training courses for Soldiers. Once those courses are completed, they will be guaranteed a job offer, and usually that training is paid, he added.

Employers who offer technical and vocational training often come to Fort Riley for hiring fairs hosted by ACAP.


The educational path is new. It has been added as a result of a survey about ACAP conducted with Soldiers. Educational options were something Soldiers expressed an interest in seeing offered in the ACAP program.

"It will be taught by an educational counselor, who will have access to all of the educational services websites and everything they need to prepare the Soldiers for that path," McLaurin said.

The educational counselors can help Soldiers decide which degree program is right for them and which school would best fit their needs.

ACAP also will pass on scholarship information when it becomes available. Oftentimes, the scholarships ACAP officials learn about are offered through companies looking to hire veterans, McLaurin said, and they are running their own programs to do that.

For more information about ACAP, visit the ACAP office, 212 Custer Ave.; call 785-239-2278; or visit