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The 1st Infantry Division Post

By | January 15, 2014

The 1st Infantry Division Post is a civilian enterprise weekly newspaper with a circulation of 9,100 copies each week. The online edition and PDF archives of the 1st Infantry Division Post are available at The newspaper serves the Soldiers, Family members, civilian employees, retirees, veterans, and friends of the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley.

Send story ideas and comments about the newspaper to the editor. The editor also will consider submissions that are turned in by close of business on Fridays to make it in the next edition.

Advertising:  For business or advertising matters, call The Daily Union at (785) 762-5000.

Individuals wishing to submit a news brief for publication in the newspaper should email with all pertinent information no later than one week prior to desired publication date. Information required to print a news brief includes time, date, location and contact information for events. Full article submissions are also subject to the same deadline and may be sent to the email address listed above.

Who do I call if I do not receive a Post newspaper? Newspapers are delivered to most office buildings and every quarters on the installation. The papers are delivered Thursday nights to office buildings and Friday afternoons to quarters. If you do not receive a newspaper, call 239-8854 for the editor. We will make sure you receive your papers.

Contact the 1st Infantry Division Post editor (785) 239-8854, DSN 856-8854.

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